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Meet Our AU Diplomats

Our international and US Global Nomad students come from all over the world to attend American University (AU) in Washington, DC! Read more about their first impressions of AU.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, you are welcome here at American University. #YouAreWelcomeHere


AU Diplomats Chaitanya and Meiying were recognized for achievements in leadership and service to the AU Community.

Graduating senior Chaitanya was awarded the Bruce Hughes Award for "a senior who has performed outstanding service to the University community and demonstrated unusual depth and maturity in leadership abilities.”


Rising senior Meiying was awarded the Soaring Eagle Award.




AU Diplomat Fareha was recognized for her academic achievements.Fareha Abid_Graduation Speaker

Fareha was selected as the 2023 undergraduate commencement speaker for the School of International Service. She was the only sophomore to be recipient of 2020 Frank Willis Scotton Award. On campus, she worked as the VP for Amnesty International chapter, and served as their Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She wrote for Amlit and Blackprint and was a Program Assistant for U.S. State Department's Sister2Sister Exchange Program. 


AU Diplomat Sledja has been recently recognized for her intercultural and academic achievements.

Sledja Graduation_Spotlight_DC

"As an AU Diplomat I have been able to give back to the international student community by promoting intercultural understanding for which I was honored with receiving the 2022 AU Carlton Savage Award. By serving as an AU Diplomat, I have worked to create connections by celebrating similarities and differences and cultivating mutual respect. Being part of a highly motivated group of volunteer leaders has created tremendous opportunities to meet and learn from people from all over the world."

2020 - 2021

AU Diplomats Zumrud and Lori were recognized for their academic achievements.

AU Diplomat Lori Graduation with Dog

Lori was selected as the 2021 undergraduate commencement speaker for the School of International Service. She was also awarded the Bruce Hughes Award for "a senior who has performed outstanding service to the University community and demonstrated unusual depth and maturity in leadership abilities."

AU Diplomat Zumrud Graduation

Zumrud is the 2021 recipient of the Carlton Savage Award for outstanding service to the AU community. This award is given to the international student who has contributed the most to increasing intercultural understanding at the University. 

Congratulations to both Zumrud and Lori!



Elle & Laura

As soon as I arrived at American University, I knew it was the right place for me. I immediately felt that I was at home instead of just at school. The small yet dynamic campus had everything I possibly needed and more. The weather was perfect, and the campus exceeded my expectations. I was greeted by so many amazing people who now are my closest friends. I quickly noticed how diverse and different every person on campus was, which made me feel included and represented as a U.S. Global Nomad. From my first day at AU, the abundance of opportunities offered confirmed that this was where I wanted to spend my next four years.

I love the environment at AU because everyone is so welcoming and motivated to learn. With AU being such a diverse community, it's easy to meet and connect with people of similar interests. There's also never a shortage of things to do around campus and in DC, and plenty of opportunities to explore different passions and find new interests!

Liora & Aljawharah

When I first arrived at AU, I could already feel a sense of belonging to the community. The people are very welcoming, passionate, and willing to help each other. The many organizations and clubs that students can join make it easy to be involved in campus and extracurricular activities, and creates a balance between school and social life. As an international student, I am so grateful for all the opportunities AU has given me to grow as a person and everything I have learned along the way. I am happy to be here and very excited to see what the future holds!

My first impressions of AU were somewhat mixed. I wasn't sure at first if I was in the right place or not, but within my first two months on campus, I knew that this was my place! The AU community truly feels like home and everyone is willing to help one another.


Penelope & Lakeisha

I was a bit nervous to start my first semester last fall 2020 in an online environment. Even though I had finished high school in New York, I was in a French school, immersed in a French environment. I wondered if I would be able to transition to an all-U.S. curriculum and culture, and if I would integrate easily into AU’s community.

Once I applied, I began receiving emails welcoming me to AU and telling me about the many opportunities to interact with peers around the world. I felt reassured and at home at AU. I decided to become an AU Diplomat to help future internationals feel welcome no matter where they are from.

My first impression of AU was extremely positive as someone who never got to visit the campus in person earlier. I love the mix of modern and classical architecture on campus, as well as the college town feel to Tenleytown.

My favorite thing about AU is how warm and welcoming the community is. I felt at home as soon as I set foot on campus!

Ghali & Yasemin

When I first arrived at American University, I immediately felt a sense of belonging. Right from the start, I was welcomed into the AU community with open arms, making my freshman year a fantastic mix of social connections and academic growth. Additionally, the campus, with its picturesque surroundings and top-notch facilities, provided the perfect environment for my learning and self-discovery. I'm really looking forward to further growing in this amazing AU environment.

My first impressions of American University have been amazing. From the day that I arrived on campus, everyone has been very accepting and welcoming. From my fellow freshman friends to upperclassmen, everyone is very friendly and approachable in any kind of situation. When it comes to my classes, all my professors seem to be deeply invested in their teachings and interested in my different cultural viewpoints in many aspects of our classroom discussions. As the semester continues, I am eager to explore the various benefits AU has to offer to me as an international student.

Shahla & Ioanna

My first impressions of AU exceeded my expectations. I was glad to know that there were plenty of people around me that came from similar backgrounds and experiences as mine. I enjoy that the class sizes are small, unlike most universities, and it gives the students opportunities to be noticed by their peers and professors. AU's community is what drew me in with how friendly, inclusive, and diverse it is. Everywhere you turn, you see a friendly smile.

I came into AU with doubts about fitting in, but as I immersed myself into the school dynamics and explored the opportunities AU offers, my initial uncertainty transformed into a strong conviction that this is the right fit for me. American University is not just an academic institution; it's a well-rounded community that embraces diversity and welcomes students from all over the world. Inside the classroom, I've experienced a level of engagement and support that is crucial for any STEM major student, especially those who aspire to delve into research and explore their field more deeply. AU made me feel right at home, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share similar educational aspirations and goals.

Ekaterina & Jessica

My first thoughts after coming to AU were: “I cannot believe I am really here.” After many challenges and long flights, I was at my final, most beautiful destination. I could not stop taking pictures of the gorgeous campus and exploring DC for the first week. Then, when homesickness started, I quickly found a supportive community here that helped me adjust.. I am so thankful that I ended up at American University and would not change it for anything in the world.

One of the main reasons I chose AU was because of its welcoming atmosphere.. The campus has students from all over the world which made me feel more at home.. At AU you will have a supportive community and a world of opportunities ahead of you.

Danos & Mohamed

It was quite a culture shock when I first arrived on campus, and I was homesick. It’s now safe to say that I feel welcomed with great warmth, and accepted for who I am. These impressions have made AU my second home.

I didn’t know what to expect when moving to AU. It didn’t hit me that I was moving to university until my second week. But looking back to when I first stepped on campus, I immediately knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy the next four years. I was instantly captivated by the campus’s beauty just from a simple 2-minute walk from one building to another. I have always enjoyed stopping to admire the natural beauty of things around me, so I am extremely grateful to be able to give back to such an amazing community.

Omaya & Aly

The atmosphere at AU is incredibly welcoming, fostering an environment where everyone demonstrates open-mindedness. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds, embracing their identities and sharing a mutual desire to learn more. You can tell that American University prioritizes creating a sense of community for its students, as the university's commitment to inclusivity and respect for differences is evident in every interaction on campus.

Everyone here is so welcoming and genuine. I’ve had a great experience getting to know new people and making new friends. Coming from Egypt, I was afraid I would feel left out, but I feel quite the opposite now. Now being an AU Diplomat, I’m able to meet new international students and develop new friendships with people just like me!

Hannah & Maya

I had a very positive first impression of AU. Coming in not knowing anyone in my year was a little intimidating at first but I quickly felt accepted by everyone around me. Students were so nice and helpful, and I found it easier than expected to make friends. I was so surprised at how many organizations and clubs AU has and the many different opportunities there are to meet new people.

From the first time I stepped foot on campus, I was sure this was the place for me. Coming from abroad, I knew I needed a place like AU with such a diverse set of students and faculty who would make my transition to the US much easier. I instantly felt welcomed in the community and have loved being here ever since. I chose to be an AU Diplomat to further broaden this international network and help students such as myself make AU feel like home.

Celeste & Ellie

American University is so welcoming. After a few days on campus, I felt at home, safe, and accepted. At AU, professors, staff, and students across campus are willing to help. You will find your community. AU offers opportunities on and off campus. Students and faculty are passionate about their chosen subjects, which adds to the overall vibrant energy of AU.

When I first stepped onto the AU campus, I could tell that one day this place would be my home. I felt very comfortable and everyone was so friendly. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.

Mohammadou & Julia

American University’s location in the nation's capital attracts students of many interesting and different nationalities and cultures. Students as well as the faculty have a deep appreciation for inclusivity and education that can be seen in all areas of the campus and can be felt throughout the classrooms. The campus itself, with its lush greenery, is a wonder to walk around and has become a place that I enjoy calling home.

From first glance I was surprised by how beautiful the campus is; there's so much greenery! I was also really impressed with the School of International Service building. It’s very modern and seems like a good place to study. AU also has plenty of food options. I'm gluten-free and was super impressed by all of the inclusive options for people with allergies or dietary restrictions at all the restaurants on campus and the Terrace Dining Room. Overall, I felt a very welcoming atmosphere and that I matter here at AU. I really believe I made the right choice to attend AU and look forward to my time here.

Alicia & Mahault

I chose AU because of its welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community. I am in SIS, and as a U.S. Global Nomad student from outside the U.S., I have been given multiple resources to set myself up for success in my academic career. AU feels like home. If I had to go back in time and choose a college all over again-- I would definitely choose AU!

Coming to AU was definitely the right decision. Everyone was so welcoming from the beginning, and it was very easy to make friends. I’m grateful to have a campus in the middle of this city. You have the opportunity to discover the city and also be on a campus where everything is so green and feels like its own place.

Chaitanya & Sanya

Starting my life at AU in the online learning environment in 2020 as a first-year student in SIS, I was concerned about how I would be able to integrate myself into the AU community coming from a different country, culture and worldview. To my pleasant surprise, the transition was seamless, and the opportunities to interact and integrate with my peers online, endless! I now stand to learn so much from my peers and in such a unique position, I felt like I wanted to become a representative for this diverse community and let people from all backgrounds know the message of the AU Diplomats – You are welcome here!

Starting at AU midyear in the Spring, I was scared that I wouldn't fit in or that I wouldn't be able to integrate myself into the AU community. Flying in from a different country, I had my concerns about coming to American University; however, after my first week, all my inhibitions disappeared! My transition was seamless as I made friends, joined South Asian events,  and basked in all the opportunities that AU has to offer. American University definitely made me feel welcome and it will make you feel welcome too.

Salem & Thomas

When I first arrived on campus, I was fascinated by how gorgeous and unique the green scenery is. What stood out the most was the care and support the faculty showed from the first day of classes. Also, the diversity of the student body and seeing international students on campus immediately gave me a sense of comfort and reassurance that AU is the right place for me!

My first impression of AU was how beautiful the campus is. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much greenery from grass to trees on one college campus and was reassured that I has made the right choice. Also, with everything on campus in one place, you really get a great feeling of AU’s sense of community and family which is also reflected in the people here.

Everyone is so open and welcoming. As an international student coming from a different culture and country, this has really helped me settle in, immerse myself into the community, and develop myself as a person through AU’s exciting opportunities.

Celeste & Adriana

As a recent sophomore transfer, my first impressions of American University have so far been fantastic! A few weeks in, I find the classes welcoming and comfortable in size, with the students around me always kind and friendly. I love being in the SIS program and have already learned so much in my classes. I am being challenged academically but feel supported and comfortable reaching out for help if needed. The SIS building is my favorite place on campus as most of my day is spent there; I am lucky to be in such a great facility. I feel optimistic about my decision to transfer to American University and am so happy with the choice I made. I cannot wait to dive deeper into my major and grow as a student at AU.

I began my first semester at AU in the fall of 2020 in an online environment. I’m in the Kogod School of Business. I decided to become an AU Diplomat because I believe that this group helped me make my final college decision and be more comfortable about AU. I now want to help other international students who are going to be in the same position as I was!

Chloe & Diego

After so many weeks of anticipation, I finally set foot at American University. I paused with heartfelt gratitude. It was an idyllic breath of fresh air. The campus was bracingly alive and teeming with changemakers in their own right: Passionate, ingenious, innovative, and imaginative. I was overwhelmed to realize that today I had joined such an extraordinary community.

My first impression when I arrived at AU was that there was a great sense of community—everyone is nice and welcoming. AU staff and my fellow classmates went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I can’t wait to be immersed in opportunities to enhance my academic career and knowledge while being surrounded by such an inclusive campus.

Daria & Emilia

Stepping onto AU's campus for the first time, my immediate impression was one of awe since I did not expect to see so much greenery and wildlife. (I saw two squirrels, one rabbit, and a red cardinal all in one day!). Having never visited any college campuses prior to move-in, I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to see a vibrant, welcoming, and truly beautiful campus. Though seeing so many unfamiliar faces at once was sometimes overwhelming, I made so many new friends within my first hours on campus that I immediately became certain that AU is a place where I belong.

My first impression of AU as an international student was how friendly everyone was. Before coming here I was afraid, as I imagine everyone is, about not making friends, but when I arrived I realized that we were all in the same boat! I remember how happy students looked to be on campus, and the thrill of the new adventure that awaited us.

Gia & Supreeya

Stepping onto campus, I was worried about how well I would be able to acclimate into my new environment;  however my worries were quickly swept away by the friendliness and warmness everyone treated me with. I soon understood that AU is a campus with numerous different cultures, peoples, and opportunities and there is a place for everyone regardless of your background.

AU provided the sense of community that I felt I was missing at my previous university. Being surrounded by high-achieving professors has only further motivated me to pursue my personal career goals. I feel welcomed at AU and have a strong sense of belonging.

Sarah & Gustavo

My first impression of AU was finding a place that is friendly and open-minded, where I was not afraid to be myself. AU’s student life is amazing; there are lots of student organizations and it was very easy to make friends. Additionally, as an international student, I really love being in the city. Washington, DC offers so many things to see and explore. AU is inclusive and friendly and gives its students the necessary resources to be successful.


My first impression of American University was just how pretty AU's campus is! Even though I had visited AU before, actually living and studying here changed everything completely and made me appreciate the campus much more. I appreciate how inclusive and integrated the AU community is, and the strong sense of connection that exists among students. I'm also impressed by how friendly everyone here is and how everyone in the community actively helps each other out.

Meiying & Alexandra

My first impression of AU was that it was a beautiful campus that I could call home. The environment felt so welcoming and safe that I already knew I'd love every moment I'd spend there. I love the energy that all the students share, and the way I know everyone is there to learn, improve, and grow with others, all while having an amazing time.

My first impression of AU was that it was a very diverse, integrated, and vibrant community. People seemed to be very nice and welcoming, and the campus was beautiful. I loved how the city is so close, and that you can go there easily anytime on the weekends. You can also stay in the academic environment during the week.

Nedi & Veronica

I was completely enchanted by the AU’s picturesque landscapes full of life and color when I arrived on campus. The staff during move-in week was extremely helpful and friendly which made the experience ever more exciting. My academic first impressions are that AU means business. Classes started immediately and professors didn’t miss a minute to fuel us with knowledge.

The curriculum in the Business & Entertainment undergraduate program piqued my interest, so I applied ED II and came to AU. I've always admired how AU provides a welcoming environment for people of diverse backgrounds. I had no idea how fantastic this school could be until I arrived and experienced first-hand AU’s personalized services. I am confident that AU will equip me with the tools I need to be successful in both my personal and professional life in the future.

Antonella & Anna Maria

I visited AU for the first time in April and fell in love with the campus and its people. I knew AU was the place where I would spend the next few years. The people here are amazing and it's a very international campus, which makes it even better. American University is truly an incredible university, and I am super happy to be here!

The first time I saw AU I was overwhelmed by the amazing and unique opportunities, campus resources, and the helpful students and university faculty who made sure I felt comfortable and welcomed to my new home. The minute I got to campus I was approached by many different people who offered to help me move in. They also offered food, advice, or just friendly company. This made me feel less alone, and I also felt part of a caring, united community. Even though everything was new to me, AU was home. That feeling became more evident during the first week of classes. AU staff and faculty, especially the professors, are extremely approachable and genuinely care about their students’ well-being and academic progress. I feel honored to be part of this community.

Salma & Sophie

My first impression of American University was completely satisfactory. The number of international students on campus really impressed me. AU’s diversity and inclusion are important concepts that should not be overlooked. I don't regret my decision to attend AU because the academic programs are just as good as I expected. I'm looking forward to making the most of my time here!

My first impressions of AU were definitely positive. I was so overwhelmed with all the warm welcomes I had received and instantly felt at home. AU has a long list of things to do around campus, and I met a lot of people through the various activities and events all around. The people I met were so kind and genuine and interested in where I came from. The passion I saw from all the staff and students lit a fire inside of me, and I'm excited to spend the next four years learning and growing as a person and a student.

Patrick & Tarumbidzwa

When I first got to American University the first impression that I got was an immense sense of a thriving, diverse, and kind community. Walking around campus and going to lectures, at American I felt included and welcomed. The endless list of student engagement activities and clubs allowed me to find my own community at American University with ease.

It was a quintessential college. I liked the buildings and how safe and inclusive it was on campus and outside of it in the neighborhood. It is a very vibrant place, especially during the first few weeks.