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Undeclared Student Advising

Many students come to AU not knowing exactly what they want to pursue, and that's okay! Here in CAS, we want you to have as much at your disposal to explore and determine which academic program is right for you. Here you will find helpful links including how to declare a major/minor in each school, 4-year recommended academic plans, Career Guides by major, and more!

Ready to Declare Your Major?

Each school at AU has different policies and procedures to declare a major or minor. Below are some general rules for declarations:

  • Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 to declare a major or minor.
  • A major must first be declared prior to declaring a minor.
  • Students generally declare a major after their first year.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to declaring.

To declare a major/minor in the College of Arts and Sciences, follow the link here.

To declare a major/minor in the School of Communication, follow the link here.

To declare a major/minor in The Kogod School of Business, students can meet with an Advisor or email the advising team at 

To declare a major/minor in the School of Public Affairs, follow the link here.

To declare a major/minor in the School of International Service, students must know their primary and secondary thematic areas:

  • Typically, after your final (third) gateway course. 
    • Students entering AU after 2021 only need to declare a primary thematic area.
  • Students can declare using the form here.

To declare a major/minor in the School of Education, students should meet with or email an SOE advisor.

Additional Resources

Academic Support and Access Center

The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) supports the academic development and educational goals of all American University students and is committed to promoting access for individuals with disabilities within the university's diverse community. Some resources offered below:

University Writing Center

The Writing Center at American University offers free, peer-based writing support for all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic Coaching

In one-on-one meetings, learners work with academic coaches to identify and enhance academic strategies. Sessions are interactive and learners can expect to leave with a strategic action plan.


  • Peer-Assisted Student Support (PASS)

    The Peer-Assisted Student Support (PASS) Program provides FREE, one-on-one tutoring available to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at American University. Tutors will help students learn course concepts and methods of analysis by providing opportunities for hands-on practice. 
  • Quantitative Support

    Quantitative Support provides free mathematics and statistics support to undergraduate and graduate students at American University. 

Want to talk with an advisor prior to making a decision? Schedule an appointment

Book your 30-minute advising appointment below:


Recommended Academic Plans by Major

Want to see a potential academic plan for your time at AU by major? Look no further than the recommended academic plans

To review the catalog of all majors and minors at AU and their specific course requirements, see the university catalog.

  • Select the catalog year in which you matriculated to AU.

Want to create your own academic plan to share with an advisor? Use this blank academic plan template!

  • Note: all students must complete the AU CORE and have a minimum of 120 credits overall to graduate with an undergraduate degree.

Career Guides by Major

Not sure what your career path might be, or how your major can help you get there? Use the career guides on this page to explore the skills you'll develop through your coursework, how you can apply them in a variety of fields, and where to learn more about industries related to your major.