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Asia, Pacific, and Diaspora Studies

The Asia, Pacific, and Diaspora Studies Program (APDS) is one of six interdisciplinary programs which make up the Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. The APDS program is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of Asia and the Pacific, as well as their diasporic communities, in a dynamic global context. APDS students critically study the diverse people, cultures, and ideas that move in and across Asia, the Pacific, and their many diasporic communities in the Americas and beyond. Students explore the history and legacies of imperialism and colonialism, as well as the dynamics of gender/sexuality, class, and ethnicity and racial relations. The program’s lively, interdisciplinary course offerings are both deeply local and attentive to national and world-wide frameworks. They are grounded in critical inquiry and a concern for social justice.

Our program offers both an undergraduate BA in Asia, Pacific, and Diaspora Studies and a Minor as well as a Graduate Certificate.

Asia, Pacific, and Diaspora Studies draws from a wide spectrum of experts and courses across the University and the Washington DC region, affording students the opportunity to learn with both breadth and depth. Faculty from a wide variety of departments within CAS as well as from the School of International Service, the School of Public Affairs, and the School of Communications contribute to the program.

The Asia, Pacific, and Diaspora Studies program supports students interested in the acquisition of Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Persian, and Arabic

APDS students are also encouraged to spend time abroad as part of their academic experience. Options include studying in a wide variety of Asian nations or learning about Asian diasporas in a number of locations around the world. If you are interested in studying abroad, please consult with the APDS Director and with an AU Abroad Counselor to plan your program of study.

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