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Book a Language Coaching Session

Coaching services for the spring semester start on Monday, January 22nd, 2024 and run through the last day of classes: Monday, April 29th, 2024. Please note all coaching sessions are in person, at CLEAR.

For best availability, book your coaching session in advance using the online booking system.

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Book a coaching session

Language coaching is offered at no charge to students enrolled in a language course at American University. It is available during CLEAR's regular operating hours.

For the most up-to-date availability, we encourage to kindly book your session in advance through the online booking system.

Available Services

The policy governing the coaching of students in languages taught by the Department of World Languages and Cultures was coordinated and approved by the faculty of the department and identifies activities, and assistance coaches may provide while working with students.

Below is a list of areas for coaching services:

Speaking and Listening

  • Oral comprehension
  • Oral presentation rehearsal
  • Review of recorded oral practice
  • If students come for help with an oral or written presentation, coaches will ask leading questions and look for general problems (clarity, organization, grammatical points, etc.). The coaching sessions must be language sessions rather than coaches serving as copy editors. The students can then go back on their own to correct the remaining errors.


  • Review of grammatical concepts
  • If students come for help with workbook or grammar exercises, coaches will start them with one or two examples and only go over major concepts of the exercise.
  • Collaborative review of completed homework exercises
  • Any exercises or homework assignment must be completed or a reasonable attempt at completion must be apparent.
  • Revising essays for clarity
  • Polishing finished drafts
  • Reviewing a final graded essay

Test Exam/Prep

  • Pre/post test review
  • Coaches will NOT help students with anything marked "Exam" or "Take Home Exam" unless it has already been graded by the professor.

Comments & Suggestions

Your needs matter to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Call, stop by or write us at We look forward to helping you at CLEAR!