African American and African Diaspora Studies Faculty


Sybil Roberts Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Performing Arts

Sybil R. Williams has spent the past twelve years cultivating her craft as a playwright and dramaturg. Her work has been professionally produced by Chicago’s ETA Creative Arts Theatre; New York’s Nati

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Donald Collins Adjunct Professorial Lecturer CAS | Critical RGC Studies

Donald Earl Collins is a freelance writer and historian who has written on the topics of multiculturalism, education reform, race, and the history of African American and American identity for more th

Mali Collins Asst Professor CAS - Critical RGC Studies

Mali Collins’ research areas include Black motherhood studies, Black archival studies, 20th and 21st century literature and art, medical humanities, digital technology, and reproductive health and jus

Mary Ellen Curtin Associate Professor CAS | Critical RGC Studies

Mary Ellen Curtin has a Ph.d from Duke University and is a historian of modern African American and women's social and political history. Her first book Black Prisoners and Their World documented the

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Keith Leonard Associate Professor CAS | Literature

Keith D Leonard is the author of Fettered Genius: The African American Bardic Poet from Slavery to Civil Rights. His publications, presentations, and courses have revolved around his study of

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Theresa Runstedtler Associate Professor CAS | History

Theresa Runstedtler is a scholar of African American history whose research examines Black popular culture, with a particular focus on the intersection of race, masculinity, labor, and sport. Her crit

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Elke Stockreiter Associate Professor CAS | History

Elke Stockreiter is a historian of modern Africa. Her research and teaching interests include the histories of colonialism, gender, race, and slavery in Africa and the Indian Ocean World. Trained as a

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Onaje Woodbine Associate Professor CAS | Philosophy/Religion

Onaje X. O. Woodbine’s research explores the varieties of black religious experience, especially as they are lived on the margins of power and outside the bounds of established institutional authority

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Faculty Affiliates

Orisanmi Burton Assistant Professor CAS | Anthropology

As a social anthropologist working in the United States, my research examines the imbrication of grassroots resistance and state repression. Within this broad area of inquiry, my present work explores

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Faedra Chatard Carpenter Associate Professor CAS | Performing Arts

Dr. Faedra Chatard Carpenter is a theatre and performance studies scholar, professional dramaturg, and cultural critic. Her research, writing, teaching, and creative activities are grounded in her adv

Scott Freeman Senior Professorial Lecturer SIS | Environment, Development & Health

Dr. Scott Freeman is an anthropologist whose work is at the intersection of the anthropology of the environment, critical development studies, and the anthropology of labor in Haiti and the Dominican

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Lindsey Green-Simms Professor and Department Chair, Literature CAS | Literature

Lindsey Green-Simms’ teaching and research focuses on film and literature from the Global South, with a particular emphasis on African cultural production. Professor Green-Simms' most recent book, Que

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Jordanna Matlon Assoc Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Matlon is an urban sociologist interested in questions of race and belonging in Africa and the African diaspora, and the ways “Blackness” operates as a signifier, intersects with gender norms, man

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Kendra Salois Assistant Professor CAS | Performing Arts

Kendra Salois received the Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2013. Prior to joining the Department of Performing Arts at AU, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the

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Sarah Trembath Professorial Lecturer CAS | Literature

Sarah Trembath is an editor, writer, and educator. She has been teaching since 1998 and joined the AU faculty in 2014. Her written work has appeared in Radical Teacher, the Santa Fe Writer’s Project Q

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Sherri Williams Assistant Professor SOC | Journalism

Dr. Sherri Williams is a race and representation researcher who teaches about how media images are connected to and uphold oppression and inequality. Williams, who was a journalist for a decade before