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Disability, Health, and Bodies Certificate


The certificate in Disability, Health, and Bodies introduces students to the disciplines of critical disability studies, critical mad studies, critical autism studies, critical body studies, and critical fat studies. In this program we center the lived experiences and perspectives of disabled people.

These fields encourage students to explore questions related to disability, neurodivergence, and bodily difference from intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Students combine theoretical, methodological, educational, and advocacy perspectives that challenge and redefine legal, physical, policy, and attitudinal barriers toward disabled people and those deemed different.

Students examine the social constructions of disability, madness, fatness, bodily and mental difference and examine the lived experiences and perspectives of people with disabilities and other physical and mental differences.

The interdisciplinary program draws from analysis developed by scholars and practitioners in American studies, public health, psychology, philosophy, religion, advocacy, politics, and law.