Stay with Me AU Chorus

AU Chorus: stay with me
December 1-2, 7:30 pm | Abramson Family Recital Hall, Katzen Arts Center

Tickets: $10-$15. Free for AU students.

The AU Chorus fall concert explores the need for us to stay connected, to build a family and community, and to be together with those we love through the joys and sorrows of life.

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Visiting Artists Series Studio Art MFA Program

The Studio Art MFA program presents visiting artists throughout the academic year. Stay tuned for more artists and dates.

  • Abigail DeVille, November 30

Learn more: Visiting Artists


American University Symphony Orchestra American Landscapes

AU Symphonic Band: American Landscapes
December 3, 3 p.m.
Abramson Family Recital Hall, Katzen Arts Center

Tickets: $10-$15. Free for AU students

The American University Symphonic Band explores a variety of works inspired by North America’s vast and varied natural world.

Tickets: Symphonic Band

Damn Things Will Kill Ya By Olivia Luzquinos

Damn Things Will Kill Ya
By Olivia Luzquinos | December 5-9 | Katzen Arts Center, Abramson Family Recital Hall

Tickets: $10-$15. Free for AU students.

"You can't choose who you love. It doesn't work like that."

A little thing like lung cancer isn’t going to stop Ruth from smoking—even in the hospital. As her children gather by her bedside, they struggle with the hard-headed, hard-hearted woman who raised them—and with each other.

Tickets: Damn Things Will Kill Ya

Steven Cushner, Tides, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 132 inches. Courtesy of Hemphill Artworks.

Fall at the AU MuseumSeptember 9-December 10
Wednesday–Sunday, 11:00–4:00 

Six exhibitions plus related gallery talks and more all fall:

  • Cushner
    Steven Cushner

  • Lost Europe: On the Edge of Memories
    Curated by Milena Kalinovska
  • Rachel Rotenberg
    Rachel Rotenberg, Artist
    Jane Livingston, Curator

  • Franklin White: An American in Venezuela
    Franklin White, Artist
    Dr. Chantelle E. Bernard, Curator

  • Nature’s Tapestry
    Bernis von zur Muehlen, Artist
    Ori Z. Soltes, Curator

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Robyn Rafferty Mathias Student Research Conference

34th Mathias Student Research Conference
April 6, 2024 | DMTI

Submissions Open: November 13, 2023
Submissions Close: February 4, 2024

Presented by CAS, this annual conference celebrates student achievement. It is an opportunity for CAS students across all disciplines to showcase their research, scholarship, and creative work before colleagues, faculty, and friends. Participants will create new connections, build their resumes, contribute to our community of curiosity and learning, and be considered for an award.

CAS students across all disciplines are encouraged to submit a proposal of their research, scholarship, or creative work and present it at our annual student research conference.

Submit: Mathias Research Proposals