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Kim Blankenship Distinguished Professor Sociology

PhD, Sociology, Duke University
MA, Sociology, Duke University
BA, Sociology, College of William and Mary

Kim M. Blankenship, PhD, is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Sociology, Founding Director of the Center on Health, Risk and Society (housed in the department of sociology), Associate Dean of Research in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Co-Director of the Developmental Core of the District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research (DC CFAR). She previously served on the faculty of Sociology at Duke University and at the Duke Global Health Institute (2008-2010) and on the faculty at Yale University, where she was also Associate Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (1998-2008). Research and publications focus on the social determination of health inequities and structural interventions to address them. She has received funding from NIDA, NIMH, CDC, Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Most recently she was PI on an NIMH funded project that focuses on the intersecting impacts of mass incarceration, housing vulnerability, and housing policies in the US -- all contemporary systems promoting race, class and gender inequality -- as they shape HIV related sexual practices; and Co-PI (with Danya Keene) on a study funded by Russell Sage Foundation examining the health consequences associated with the provision of housing in low income race segregated neighborhoods. She is also a Co-investigator on an NIDDK study (PI Danya Keene) of the impacts of rental assistance on biological and behavioral indicators of diabetes self-management and control, She leads the Inequality, Social Justice and Health Lab at AU (
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Research Interests

Blankenship's research interests include: race, class, gender and health inequities; social determination of health and structural interventions, with a focus on HIV/AIDS; community mobilization as a strategy for health promotion; drug policy, housing policy, mass incarceration and health inequties (with a focus on HIV/AIDS).

Selected Publications

  • Groves AK, Smith P, Gebrekristos LT, Rosenberg A, Keene DE, Blankenship KM. 2022. Eviction, Intimate Partner Violence and HIV: Expanding Concepts and Assessing the Pathways through which Sexual Partnership Dynamics Impact Health.” Social Science and Medicine 305; July 2022
  • Blankenship KM, Rosenberg AP, Keene DE, Dawson AJ,* Groves AK,* Schlesinger P. 2021. “Social Determination of HIV: Women’s Relationship Work in the Context of Mass Incarceration and Housing Vulnerability.” AIDS and Behavior.25(Suppl 2):190-201. Open Access. PMCID: PMC8484381
  • Barrington C, Rosenberg AP, Kerrigan D, Blankenship KM. 2021. “Collecting and Analyzing Longitudinal Qualitative Data to Understand the Relationships between Social Determinants and HIV Outcomes.” AIDS and Behavior. 25(Suppl 2):203-213. Open Access. PMCID:PMC8473579
  • Groves AK, Niccolai LM, Keene DE, Rosenberg A, Schlesinger P, Blankenship KM. 2021. “Housing Instability and HIV Risk: Expanding our Understanding of the Impact of Eviction and Other Landlord-Related Forced Moves.” AIDS and Behavior, Jan 2. . Online ahead of print.
  • Young G, Danner M, Fort L, Blankenship KM. 2021. “Community Mobilization Challenging Gender Power Imbalances: Women Sex Workers' Capacity to Engage In Health-Enhancing Practices in Southern India” AIDS and Behavior, 29 Sep 2021,DOI: 10.1007/s10461-021-03481-9 PMID: 34590177 
  • Purtle J, Tekin E, Gebrekristos LT, Niccolai L, Blankenship KM. 2021. “Associations Between Local Public Housing Authority Policies Related to Criminal Justice System Involvement and Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates.” Health & Justice. 32. Open Access.
  • Rosenberg AP, Keene DE, Schlesinger P, Groves AK, Blankenship KM. 2021. “’I don’t know what home feels like anymore’: Residential Spaces and the Absence of Ontological Security for People Returning from Incarceration.” Social Science & Medicine, 272, Available online 30 January 2021
  • Keene DE, Whittaker S, Rosenberg A, Niccolai LM, Schlesinger P, Blankenship KM. 2021 “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease”: Rental Assistance Applicants’ Quests for a Rationed and Scarce Resource. Social Problems, Online first
  • Shapiro R, Blankenship K, Rosenberg A, Keene D. 2021. “The Effects of Rental Assistance on Housing Stability, Quality, Autonomy and Affordability.” Housing Policy Debate, Jan 8. Online ahead of print.
  • Denary W, Fenelon A, Schlesinger P, Purtle J, Blankenship KM, Keene DE. 2021. “Does Rental Assistance Improve Mental Health? Insight from a Longitudinal Cohort Study.” Social Science and Medicine, 282, Published online August 2021
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  • Rosenberg A, Keene DE, Schlesinger P, Groves AK, Blankenship KM. 2020. “COVID-19 and Hidden Housing Vulnerabilities: Implications for Health Equity, New Haven, Connecticut. AIDS and Behavior, online first: DOI 10.1007/s10461-020-02921-2
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  • Blankenship KM, del Rio Gonzalez AM, Keene D, Groves AK, Rosenberg AP. 2018.  “Mass Incarceration, Race Inequality, and Health: Expanding Concepts and Impacts.” Social Science and Medicine, 215:45-52.
  • Keene D, Rosenberg AP, Schlesinger P, Guo M, Blankenship KM. 2018. “Navigating Limited and Uncertain Access to Subsidized Housing After Prison.” Housing Policy Debate 28(2): 199-214. Published online: 31 Jul 2017.
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Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  •  AU Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Fostering Collaborative Scholarship, 2019
  •  College Dean's Award for Exceptional Impact, American University, 2016
  •  Teaching with Research Award, American University, Center for Teaching, Research and Learning

Grants and Sponsored Research


National Institute of Mental Health. 1R01MH110192, “Social Determinants of HIV: The Intersecting Impacts of Mass Incarceration, Housing Stability, and Subsidized Housing Policies.” PI, Kim Blankenship, 06/15/16-03/31/22

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. 1R01DK124500. The Effects of Affordable Housing Access on type 2 Diabetes Self-management and Control.” PI, Danya Keene (Yale University), Co-I Kim Blankenship, 04/01/20-03/31/25

Russell Sage Foundation. 1911-18814. “Informal Housing Provision, Health, and Inequality.” Principal Investigator, Danya Keene, Co-PI, Kim Blankenship, 10/01/2020-09/30/2021

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