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Photograph of Alice Coyne

Alice Coyne Assistant Professor Psychology

Alice Coyne
CAS | Psychology
Asbury Building
Asbury 314
By appointment (please email me!)
PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
MS, Clinical Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA, Psychology, Albion College

Alice Coyne is an Assistant Professor of Psychology who joined the department in 2023. Dr. Coyne completed her PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and completed her postdoctoral training at Case Western Reserve University. Her research aims to identify and develop ways to capitalize on patient, therapist, and dyadic characteristics and processes that can enhance the effectiveness of psychosocial treatments for affective conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety). Within this broad area, she is particularly interested in studying strategies for personalizing treatment selection, intervention delivery, and therapist selection to the unique needs of each individual patient. The overarching goal of her research program is to help bridge the science-practice gap by increasing the effectiveness and precision of therapeutic interventions, including when delivered in routine practice settings that can reach historically underserved and marginalized populations.

Dr. Coyne is anticipating accepting a PhD student through the Clinical Psychology program this 2023-24 cycle for a Fall 2024 admission.

For more information, please visit the Optimizing Psychosocial Treatments (OPT) Lab's website:
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Spring 2024

  • PSYC-301 Research Methods in Psychology

  • PSYC-396 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring: Counseling and Psychotherapy

Fall 2024

  • PSYC-434 Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • PSYC-710 Cognitive-Behav Thrpy Prac I

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

  • Coyne, A. E., Constantino, M. J., Muir, H. J., Gaines, A. G., & Vîslă, A. (2023). Participant factors as correlates of patients’ psychotherapy outcome expectation: A meta-analysis and box count review. Psychotherapy Research, 33(7), 974–988.
  • Coyne, A. E., Constantino, M. J., Boswell, J. F., & Kraus, D. R. (2022). Therapist-level moderation of within- and between-therapist process-outcome associations. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 90(1), 75-89.
  • Coyne, A. E., Constantino, M. J., Ouimette, K. A., Gaines, A. N., Atkinson, L. R., Bagby, R. M., Ravitz, P., & McBride, C. (2022). Replicating patient-level moderators of CBT and IPT’s comparative efficacy for depression. Psychotherapy, 59(4), 616–628.
  • Coyne, A. E., & Gros, D. F. (2022). Comorbidity as a moderator of the differential efficacy of transdiagnostic behavior therapy and behavioral activation for affective disorders. Psychotherapy Research32(7), 886–897.
  • Constantino, M. J., Boswell, J. F., Coyne, A. E., Swales, T. P., & Kraus, D. R. (2021). Effect of matching therapists to patients vs assignment as usual on adult psychotherapy outcomes: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry, 78(9), 960-969.