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Washington, DC, and Israel, two places laden with history, are ideal locations for a two-way student exchange that takes advantage of American University's commitment to global education. Time spent in either place has the potential to profoundly affect the way students view the world and their choices for the future. Israeli students will have the chance to study in the nation's capital and participate in its life by interning in one of the organizations that are important in Washington. For many American students, a trip to Israel represents a connection with the past. Opportunities for AU students to study in Israel and participate in contemporary Israeli life will enhance this connection.

Arava Institute for Environmental StudiesIn this unique program located on Kibbutz Ketura in the Southern Arava Valley, students come together from many parts of the world to study desert and marine ecology, sustainable agriculture, environmental policy, economics and law, environmental ethics, and social analysis. Over the course of one or two semesters, students engage in an interdisciplinary program built of rigorous courses in diverse environmental fields, a peace-building and leadership seminar, and may choose an independent research project as well as hands-on and field study components.

Offered every: Fall, Spring, Full Year.

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Hebrew University of JerusalemThis program is right for students who wish to experience the Israeli education system first hand by taking classes taught in English with other study abroad students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Students who wish to live in a setting surrounded by history and take classes in Israel's largest international program will thrive during a semester in Jerusalem. 

Offered every: Fall, Spring, Full Year

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Tel Aviv UniversityStudy abroad at Tel Aviv University, learn Hebrew, and take college level courses in English for full academic credit while immersed in Israeli culture. The breadth of expertise-combined with the university's location in Tel Aviv, nerve center of Israeli industry, business, and culture-creates ideal conditions for cross-disciplinary research that touches on all aspects of life. This program is right for students who wish to experience the Israeli education system first hand by taking classes taught in English with other study abroad students at Tel Aviv University. Students who wish to live in a large, cosmopolitan city in Israel will thrive in Tel Aviv.

Offered every: Fall, Spring, Full Year

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University of HaifaStudy at the University of Haifa and experience life in one of Israel's most charming cities. An example of coexistence, Haifa's diverse population and beautiful coastal Mediterranean setting provide for a very unique academic study abroad experience. Students who wish to live in the north of Israel along the coast will be at home in Haifa. Two of the most distinguishing features of this dynamic city are its physical beauty and its cosmopolitan population of 265,000 Jews, Christians, Moslems, Druze, and Bahá'ís living in harmony.

Offered every: Fall, Spring, Full Year

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Jane R. Glaser Scholarship

One semester of study at Hebrew University 

(SPA students preferred)

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Lorry Segal Travel Grant

This application is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who possess a strong interest in Israeli politics, society and culture.

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AU Abroad Student Mobility Grant

Student Grants ranging up to $3,000 per semester (Fall or Spring) are available for general study abroad. 

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