Faculty for the PhD Program in Behavior, Cognition and Neuroscience

Laurie Bayet Asst Professor CAS - Neuroscience

Dr. Bayet is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist interested in infant cognitive development and high-level vision. Her lab combines electro-encephalography (EEG), behavioral methods, and computat


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Stefano Costanzi Professor CAS | Chemistry

Dr. Stefano Costanzi is a Professor of Chemistry at American University, in Washington DC, with an educational background in both the chemical sciences and international affairs. Dr. Costanzi's teachi


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Terry Davidson Trone Family Eminent Scholar Chair in Neuroscience and Behavior CAS - Neuroscience

Dr. Davidson earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Michigan State University and earned his PhD with a specialization in Learning and Memory at Purdue University before completing his post-


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Katie Holton Provost Associate Professor CAS | Health Studies

Dr. Kathleen Holton is a nutritional neuroscientist, co-appointed in the Departments of Health Studies and Neuroscience, whose research examines the negative effects of dietary excitotoxins on neurolo


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Laura Juliano Professor CAS - Psychology

Laura M. Juliano earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her


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David Kearns Professor and Department Chair, Psychology CAS | Psychology

Research interests:Learning, behavior, addiction.Recent publications:Beasley, M. M., Gunawan, T., Tunstall, B. J., & Kearns, D. N. (2022). Intermittent access training produces greater motivation for


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Mark Laubach Professor CAS | Neuroscience

I am a neurobiologist interested in goal-directed behavior. My laboratory is focused on the roles of the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia in executive control and decision making. Core methods incl


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Zehra Peynircioglu Professor CAS | Psychology

Zehra Peynircioglu received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Stanford. She started graduate studies in cognitive psychology, specializing in memory, at Princeton (and received an MA) and fo


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Anthony Riley Professor and Department Chair, Neuroscience CAS | Neuroscience

Dr. Riley received his undergraduate training at the University of North Carolina and obtained his PhD from the University of Washington. He did a post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacology at Dalhousie


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Colin Saldanha Professor CAS | Neuroscience

Hormones are profound modulators of brain structure and function; with influences that span the lifetime of an organism. The muti-faceted and pluripotent neural effects of steroids require that a spec


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Alan Silberberg Research Professor-in-Residence CAS | Psychology

My research interests are animal learning, behavioral economics, primatology and smoking. Publications can be seen in Google Scholar as linked from my profile.


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Catherine Stoodley Provost Assoc Professor CAS - Neuroscience

Catherine Stoodley is interested in the neuroscience of cognitive development, particularly the role of the human cerebellum in cognition, cognitive development and in neurodevelopmental disorders. Sh


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Bei Xiao Associate Professor CAS | Computer Science

Dr. Bei Xiao's research focuses on how the human visual system estimate physical and functional properties of objects in our surroundings. Another focus of her research is to apply results from human


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Alexander Zestos Associate Professor CAS | Chemistry

Dr. Zestos completed his B.S./M.S. in chemistry from the College of William and Mary, a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, and was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Mi


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Associate BCaN Faculty

Anthony Ahrens Professor CAS | Psychology

My continuing interests include gratitude and mindfulness, especially the relation of gratitude to the desire to be independent of others. I also have two relatively new interests. (1) Non-Buddhist co


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John Bracht Associate Professor CAS | Biology

Short Summary of Bracht lab research interests:

Given the central importance of the genome, it is surprising that some organisms simply eliminate significant portions of it from


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Stephen Casey Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Stephen Casey is a founding member of the Editorial Board for Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing (STSIP) and an Associate Editor of The Journal of Signal and Image Processing. He was chair


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maria Gomez Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Psychology

Dr. Gomez-Serrano was born and raised in Madrid where she obtained her Veterinarian degree specializing in animal husbandry and genetics. Right after obtaining her degree, Dr. Gomez-Serrano moved to W


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Sarah Irvine Belson Professor SOE | General Academics & Research

Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson holds a PhD from Arizona State University in Curriculum and Instruction with a cognate in Special Education. Her research explores educational opportunity for children with dis


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Monika Konaklieva Associate Professor CAS | Chemistry

Dr. Konaklieva’s research is in the area of exploring different approaches for delaying of microbial resistance. Current projects include computer-aided design and synthesis of novel beta-lactams as w


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Emily Peterson Assistant Professor SOE | General Academics & Research

Dr. Emily Grossnickle Peterson is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education and an affiliate faculty member in the Psychology Department and the Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience PhD progr


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