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2024 AchievementsRecent faculty, student, and alumni accomplishments

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Dan Arbell (History) spoke with CGTN about the conflict in the Middle East. He also spoke with Channel News Asia.

Naomi Baron (World Languages and Cultures, professor emerita) spoke with Big Think about the benefits of physical books. She also spoke with PBS about the limitations of artificial intelligence.

Natasha Benitez (Health Studies) made multiple appearances on WJLA’s Good Morning Washington to discuss setting positive life goals and how to de-stress in the springtime

Raychelle Burks (Chemistry) published "Polymorphism of Bis(benzimidazole)bis(thiocyanato-N)cobalt(II) and Its Relevance to Studies of the Chief Color Test for Cocaine" in the journal, Inorganics. Burks also served as a technical advisor on a trio of episodes for the Hulu show Death and Other Details starring Violett Beane, Mandy Patinkin, and Lauren Patten.

Ernesto Castañeda (Sociology, Center for Latin American and Latino Studies) spoke with The Daily Beast about drug trafficking in South America.

Rebecca Graham (History) wrote an article for Time Magazine about the antisemitic symbolism and imagery in the movie Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Kathleen Holton (Health Studies) was quoted in an article about magnesium and its connection to alleviating anxiety in The Guardian. 

Philip Johnson (Physics) received a $77,178.75 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the project “Spectroscopic Investigations of Processed Planetary and Astrophysical Ices with the Sublimation Laboratory Ice Millimeter/submillimeter Experiment.” 

Kelly Jones (Economics) published “Reducing maternal labor market detachment: A role for paid family leave in the journal Labour Economics.”

Pankaj Kumar (Physics) received a $60,000 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the project “Understanding How Solar Filament Channels Form.”

Peter Kuznick (History) spoke with Izvestia, Channel One (Russia), RTVI, NTV, CGTN, and WION News about a variety of topics ranging from the US election to ongoing conflicts in the world.

Michelle Newton-Francis (Sociology) and former graduate student Jessica Chaikof (Sociology) published an article titled “Endometriosis on campus: How students manage their pain and academics” in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Xuguang Sheng (Economics) was awarded a $10,000 IIF-SAS grant by the International Institute of Forecasters for the project proposal “A Novel Method for Eliciting Business Inflation Expectations.”

Janos Szasz (Theatre) directed Angels in America: Millennium Approaches at Arena Stage, which appeared on the Washington Post’s list of “The Best of Theatre in 2023.”

Allison Tepper (Health Studies) spoke with Forbes about the benefits of celery juice.

Amelia Tseng (World Languages and Cultures) published an article in The Conversation titled “Language induces an identity crisis for the children and grandchildren of Latino immigrants.” Tseng also appeared in an interview with Aileen Pradhan on Dear Asian Youth: “It Is Better if You Speak the Language: Raciolinguistics and Identity.” 

Ricardo Torres (Economics) spoke with NBC News about the Cuban government’s restrictions on the country’s emerging private sector. 

David Vine (Anthropology) received a grant from the Jubitz Family Foundation for the project “Dismantling the Military Industrial Complex Coalition.”

Tracy Weitz (Sociology) received a $6,018 grant from the Society of Family Planning for the project “What are the prices of abortions later in pregnancy.” Weitz also appeared on The A-Files podcast to discuss the reproductive justice movement in the United States.

Rhonda Zimlich (Literature) won Steel Toe Books’ 2023 Prose Prize for the manuscript of her novel Raising Panic (Steel Toe Books, 2024), to be published in fall 2024.

Guy Ziv (Meltzer Schwartzberg Center for Israel Studies) spoke with Politico about the impact of the Middle East conflict on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political clout.



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