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How to Stay Healthy, Be Your Best in 2024

Health Studies students share their best tips for a happy and healthy new year

As we begin a new year and a new semester, the promise of a fresh start pulls us towards prioritizing our health and well-being. The beginning of 2024 is a perfect time to reflect on our habits, set intentions, and start working towards our healthiest and most positive lives.  

We turned to the experts—CAS Department of Health Studies students—who have generously shared their favorite practical tips, mindful practices, and sustainable approaches to good health. Whether you're working to maintain a long-established wellness routine or eager to kickstart new healthy habits, you can use these tips to create your best year! 

Komal Devi

MS health promotion management ’24

Staying healthy is crucial to improving our overall quality of life. To ensure my good health in 2024, I decided to follow some fundamental points. For instance, eating clean by following a well-rounded and nutritious diet with a mix of several fruits and vegetables with whole grains and lean proteins. Secondly, everyone talks about including regular exercise in their routine, but they forget to include how important it is to stay hydrated for a healthier life. Moreover, limiting screen time and taking breaks to protect the eyes and overall well-being would be my focus too. Lastly, building healthy relationships and maintaining good connections is also important for good emotional health and a better life.

Izzy Apple

MS health promotion management ’25

“It takes time to find friends you genuinely click with and activities you sincerely have sustained passion for. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t all fall into place right away. Part of the fun is exploring—even if that means taking a bunch of classes in things you’ve never heard of. You might just find your new major and like-minded friends like I did. Enjoy the process.”



Brooke Wayne

MS nutrition education and BS health promotion, minor in public health

In 2024, I plan to stay healthy by eating well and enjoying quality time with friends and family. Eating a balanced diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables at each meal can transform how you feel about yourself and influence your sense of well-being. Bringing along loved ones to the table can additionally create a sense of community and togetherness that is needed in 2024. This year I strive to build more meaningful connections and enjoy my time in DC before I head back to California in the spring.

Joseph Wasswa

MS health promotion management ’24

To make 2024 a healthy and fulfilling year, I think of it as a journey towards a better me, starting by nourishing my body with wholesome foods that I enjoy—indulging in delicious fruits and homemade meals. I intend to keep my body active by dancing or taking long walks with loved ones. Remember that it's not just about the body; the mind deserves attention, too. I will take moments for self-care, practice deep breathing, and stay connected with friends and family for a happy and balanced year.

Melissa Lopez Vasquez

BA public health and business administration, premed track ’26

I am staying healthy in 2024 by eating nutritious meals and trying to make my plate colorful with fruits, vegetables, and salmon (I love salmon). I am also drinking more water. And, for my mental health, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and cat.



Matthew Brink

BS public health, minor in health promotion within the Public Health Scholars Program, undergraduate certificates in leadership & ethical development and science & policy ’24

Going into the new year is a fresh start and a new chance to implement a revitalized lifestyle. I like to stay healthy by walking as much as I can, eating a "rainbow” of colors in each of my meals, playing tennis with my friends, and swimming! Some tips to make 2024 a healthy year can be to incorporate a variety of nutrient-rich foods in your diet, prioritize regular physical activity that you enjoy, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and practice mindfulness. Setting realistic and achievable health goals, such as trying new recipes, exploring different forms of exercise, and finding moments for relaxation, can contribute to a well-rounded and sustainable healthy lifestyle. Additionally, staying connected with supportive friends and maintaining a positive mindset are essential for overall well-being. Here's to a vibrant and health-focused 2024!