Internships in Philosophy and Religion

Before you begin the internship process, you must contact the Philosophy & Religion Internship Coordinator, Professor Ian Rhoad, at

The Department of Philosophy and Religion encourages all students to do an internship as part of their major program. For specific details regarding registration and requirements, please view the Graduate Student Internship or Undergraduate Student Internship pages.

The Career Center at AU awards 15-20 undergrads per year with stipends to help support them in unpaid internships. Take a look at the eligibility requirements and details at Career Center.

The department also maintains Google spreadsheets for current events, opportunities, and job openings for graduate and undergraduate students:
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students 

The following is a partial list of institutions where students have interned:

Please keep in mind that organizations are generous in allowing students the opportunity to work with them. While the organizations and individuals benefit from having interns, it is important to recognize that these organizations and individuals are investing time and resources in internship training for which they are not otherwise compensated.