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Resources for STEM Students

Academic classes are just one way to learn at AU. Many other experiences out of the classroom provide students with the opportunity to develop skills that are useful in a number of STEM career paths.  

Anti-Racist STEM at AU

The STEM departments at American University are committed to upending traditional STEM education which has sidelined the Black and LatinX communities, women and those from other identities who do not fit the archetype of a scientist. We offer antiracist pedagogy, student groups, internships, scholarships, summer programs, and other opportunities to combat systemic racism in the sciences. Please see the CAS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page for additional information.


The Cohort-based Integrated Research Community for Undergraduate Innovation and Trailblazing (CIRCUIT) is a year-long program run by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in partnership with American University. Undergraduate students of any major have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research while building skills to make significant contributions to science. CIRCUIT specifically recruits trailblazing students who can change the face of scientific research.

Underrepresented Students in STEM

The USS club aims to support underrepresented students in STEM and provide them the tools they need to succeed which they may have otherwise never developed. We aim to not only help students maximize individual potential but to give mentorship, guidance, and financial support in furthering education to fuel the next generation of STEM leaders.

AU Women in Science

The WIS Facebook group showcases the many activities (professional, academic, research, service & outreach, and social) that the women and men in the sciences at AU are involved with. This includes the Women in Science (WIS)Student Organization at AU. Current undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, prospective students, faculty, administrators, and friends of WIS are welcome to join. All who are interested in WIS at AU activities are encouraged to become a part of this group!

HEADSUP with McKinley High School

AU students have the opportunity to mentor high school seniors from McKinleyTechnical High School in their senior capstone project. Near-peer mentoring is a fantastic way to give back to the DC community while refining your communication skills and scientific knowledge. 

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  • Anti-racist STEM reading list
  • Mentoring
  • Diversity Post Doc

Research and Innovation


Faculty in the STEM departments at AU conduct research in a variety of fields and engage students in their research questions. Research interests for faculty are available on the departmental webpages. Once you find a faculty member whose research interests you, contact them using their email address listed to see if they have available research positions.  

Students who conduct research on campus frequently present their findings at the CAS Robyn Rafferty Matthias Student Research Conference. The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is pleased to announce the 32nd Anniversary of the Annual Robyn Rafferty Mathias Student Research Conference, a forum for CAS students to present original scholarly and creative works before colleagues, faculty, and friends, will take place at the Katzen Arts Center on March 19, 2022.

AU I-CORPS is an National Science Foundation sponsored program designed to foster STEM entrepreneurship and support commercial development of innovations created at AU. We seek applications from students (both undergraduate and graduate) and faculty members who would like to explore the commercial applications of an idea, concept or technology that they have developed.

The Design and Build Lab (DaBL) is a digital fabrication / rapid prototyping / experimentation space located in the Don Myers Technology Building. DaBL is designed to empower and inspire students, staff, and faculty to create things to solve problems. Members of DaBL gain hands-on experience using both 21st and 20th century technology. 


There are a number of opportunities to engage in research off campus through a variety of summer programs and internships. Many of these programs include a stipend to help offset costs over the summer. Some summer programs are listed below.

AU-Affiliated Programs

AU Students are invited to CIRCUIT, the Cohort-based Integrated Research Community for Undergraduate Innovation and Trailblazing. The CIRCUIT program at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research while building skills to make significant contributions to science. Diverging from traditional summer internships, CIRCUIT students participate in a year-long cohort-based research experience as integral members of APL project teams and participate in unique, hands-on learning in a fun, collaborative environment. The CIRCUIT program provides a generous stipend and opportunities for research during the academic year.


Summer Internships and Research Opportunities

We have compiled a list of internships, research and/or clinical opportunities for STEM students. Please check out the Summer STEM Opportunities list.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships are available to help support students who engage in research with faculty on campus.

University Provost’s Office Awards

  • AU Summer Scholar and Artists Program
    Funded by the Office of Undergraduate Education, Scholars will receive up to $4,000 to conduct full-time research that demonstrates the potential to lead to significant scholarly or creative work.
  • Undergraduate Conference Travel Funding
    Students presenting their work at conferences or scholarly events may apply for funds to partially defray the costs of registration and travel.
  • AU STEM Student Summer Research Proposals
    Applications due March 22, 2023
    The College of Arts and Sciences and the NASA District of Columbia Space Grant Consortium are pleased to call for applications for STEM student research support for Summer 2023. 

College of Arts and Sciences Awards

  • CAS Conference Travel: College of Arts and Sciences students who are giving papers or presenting research at scholarly conferences may request up to $400 from the College to help defray allowable expenses of attending the conference. Undergraduates must apply for funding through the Provost's Office first and may not receive funding from both the Provost's Office and CAS.
  • Graduate Research Funding: Graduate students may compete for funding of up to $1000 per academic year.
  • CAS Graduate Scholarships
  • CAS Undergraduate Scholarships
    • Buell Scholarship for collaboration with a faculty member on scholarly or creative work during the academic year
    • Robyn Rafferty Mathias Undergraduate Summer Fellowships for scholarly or creative work done under the direction of a faculty mentor during the summer

In addition, many STEM departments have awards to help support their students engaged in research. Please contact your department directly for more information.

Office of Merit Awards

AU's Office of Merit Awards supports numerous fellowships and awards specifically for science students.

STEM Clubs

Clubs and student groups are an important component of college. These groups bring together students who share the same interests and provide opportunities to learn about potential careers, engage in leadership experiences, and help others. There are student groups for everybody!  

Hosting an AU Science event? Don't forget to submit it here!

Community Service Opportunities

HEADSUP with McKinely High School
AU students have the opportunity to mentor high school seniors from McKinley Technical High School in their senior capstone project. If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact Dr. Meg Bentley,

STEM Summer Refreshers

Academic Boost for Calculus Online (ABCO)

Mid-July 2023 (time of day will be determined by student schedules) 
There is no cost to participate. 

If you want to register for Calculus this year, then you need to take the math placement exam. If you already took the placement exam and scored between 24 and 28, then we encourage your participation in our Academic Boost for Calculus Online program! In ABCO, students attend 10 hours of Zoom-based math classes over two weeks with Dr. Behzad Jalali, AU’s Director of Quantitative Support in the Mathematics/Statistics Department. Students will have access to a free online textbook and be provided with problems and feedback. Throughout the course, Dr. Jalali will provide feedback on problem sets and guidance and advice on whether students should register for Calculus in the coming fall semester. At the end of ABCO, students will have an opportunity to take a new placement exam to help determine whether they are ready to take calculus. There is no cost for participating in ABCO, but we do ask that students commit to participating for the full two weeks. Zoom hours will be determined based on student preference and will occur sometime in mid-July. Students should indicate their interest in ABCO by Friday, July 7 by emailing Dr. Jalali at

Math Refresher Online + Early Arrival

August 14-16 for online math refresher | August 21 for early move-in at AU 
Cost: $400-600 (scholarships are available for students who demonstrate need) 

No matter which math course you are registered for this fall, you can warm-up those math skills for three days in August alongside other students and build community with an early move-in date at AU! Online math refresher courses will be offered on Monday, August 14, Tuesday, August 15, and Wednesday, August 16. Students who participate in this online math refresher course will be invited to campus early on Monday, August 21. Students will take their final “math refresher” course in-person once they arrive on campus and have three days of programmed activities to build community and meet STEM faculty and upper-level undergraduates pursuing quantitative-intensive or STEM majors. Participation in the online math refresher/early arrival opportunity is $400-600—scholarships are available to those who can demonstrate financial need. All new AU students are invited to apply, especially first-generation students. For questions and to indicate interest, email Meg Bentley (Director of STEM Partnerships and Innovation) at by Friday, July 7.