Internships Contacts & Materials

Undergraduate students should review the syllabus for SOCY 491 and other forms below—and consult Director of Undergraduate Studies Michelle Newton-Francis about internship opportunities.
Graduate students should consult Bette Dickerson or Michael Bader:

For general information please contact the Department of Sociology at 202-885-2475 or The American University Career Center also offers excellent services for finding an internship or co-op, as well as employment.

Additionally, positions are often posted on our listserves—see the listserv page to find out how to sign up.

For the Internship Registration Form, please see Registration Forms page from the AU Registrar.


Students majoring in Sociology are required to take a 3 credit internship (SOCY-491), but may choose to take a second one for elective credit. Sociology majors are allowed to take up to 6 credits of internship. Sociology minors are not required to take an internship, but may choose to complete one as an elective course. Internships for undergraduate majors and minors can also be taken abroad (through an academic program) and throughout the United States. Graduate students may take SOCY-691 as part of their research requirement.

Research opportunities in the Washington area through internships, cooperative education work-study programs, and special arrangements are available at many sites. Students who participate in these programs obtain experience and interact with scholars and specialists outside the university in the fields of social service, social change and social research. Some of our recent internship placements have been with the following agencies (links to websites given where available):




Federal Work Study Positions

Three positions are available each semester in the Department of Sociology working in the main office. For complete job descriptions see the Work Study pages produced by Human Resources. Please contact Sandra Linden if you have any questions about the positions.