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TESOL Faculty and Staff

Polina Vinogradova Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer & TESOL Program Director CAS | World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Vinogradova is interested in the use of digital technology, specifically digital stories, in language education and in postmethod pedagogy and advocacy in language teacher development. Her recent

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Faculty Research Interests

Naomi Baron
Reading in print versus digitally, mobile communication, electronically-mediated communication, relationship between spoken and written language, history and structure of English, language in social context.

Robin Barr
Indo-European and psycholinguistics, morphology, relationship between language learning and language change.

Polina Vinogradova
Advocacy and student empowerment; multiliteracies and multimodality; pedagogical uses of digital storytelling; postmethod pedagogy in teacher education.

Sarah Knowles
Second language acquisition, language teaching methods, applied linguistics, metalinguistic awareness, and working with low-literate adult learners.

Tabitha Kidwell
Language teacher education, culture in language teaching and learning, student-centered and interactive language teaching methods, equitable learning opportunities for ELLs.


Naomi Baron Prof Emerita

Naomi Baron’s research interests include language and technology, reading, first language acquisition, the relationship between speech and writing, the history and structure of English, and higher edu

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Robin Barr Linguist-in-Residence CAS | World Languages and Cultures

Prof. Barr holds a PhD in Linguistics from Harvard with concentrations in both Indo-European and psycholinguistics. Her research on morphology involves the relationship between language learning and l

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Tabitha Kidwell Professorial Lecturer CAS | World Languages and Cultures

Tabitha Kidwell is a language teacher and teacher educator interested in innovative approaches to language teaching, language teacher education, and the development of intercultural competence. She ha

Sarah Knowles Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | World Languages and Cultures

Sarah Young Knowles specializes in second language acquisition, language teaching methods and teacher education, and instructional design. She earned her doctorate in applied linguistics at Georgetown

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