Fall Workshop 2022: "The Invisible Student: Identifying & Accommodating the Low-Literacy Learner"
On Zoom | November 12, 2022, 9:00-Noon

Workshop Description

In this 3-hour workshop with Dr. Robin Barr, participants will gain insight into how to identify the three main groups of low-literacy students that fall through the cracks of conventional adult English classes, and will participate in sample activities illustrating how to use phonological awareness and phonics-friendly realia to bridge the gap between the spoken and written language. 

Workshop activities will include

  • Reading and the brain: What you need to know
  • Understanding low literacy: Why do some learners struggle?
  • Supporting low-literacy learners with phonological awareness activities: Why phonics isn't enough
  • Objects as friendly first words: Five ways to use your "class menagerie"

• Speaking to write and writing to read: Learner-created books

Dr. Robin Barr holds a PhD in Linguistics from Harvard, an MA in linguistics from Harvard, and a BA in Linguistics from Yale. Dr. Barr is Linguist In Residence at American University, where she teaches for the TESOL graduate program. She also teaches dyslexic adult learners at the Washington Literacy Center. In partnership with the Washington Literacy Center and the Washington English Center, she has developed a responsive curriculum for low-literacy English Language Learners that combines traditional literacy instruction with brain-based strategies.


Registration is $10.00 for all attendees. Registration is required.

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