Spring Workshop 2023

Leveraging Technology to Implement Flipped Learning in Academic English Language Courses

Workshop facilitators: Dr. Ilka Kostka and Dr. Erik Voss

Saturday, February 25, 2023
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Workshop Description

Technology can be used in many ways to effectively promote engagement in a flipped language lesson (Voss & Kostka, 2019). This workshop is designed for TESOL students and English language instructors who have a range of experiences with flipped learning and would like to explore the use of technology for pre-instructional and in-class activities. During this workshop, participants will apply the theory of flipped learning to the development of interactive materials using technology for their own flipped classroom by exploring the following questions:

  • What are the guiding principles for implementing technology into flipped language learning?
  • How can I design pre-instructional materials that promote student engagement?
  • What activities are most useful for in-class learning?

The first part of the workshop will discuss the pillars of flipped learning followed by a focus on improving students’ engagement through interactive video. The second part of the workshop will center on a connection with pre-instructional materials to improve language learning activities in the classroom. By the end of the workshop, participants will have developed their own in-class activities to implement in their own flipped classroom.

Registration & Tickets

Registration is $10.00 for all attendees. Registration is required.
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Workshop Leaders

Dr. Ilka Kostka

Dr. Ilka KostkaIlka Kostka is an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She teaches a range of English language courses to undergraduate and graduate international students in the NU Immerse and Global Pathways programs, respectively. Her scholarly interests include flipped learning in post-secondary settings, second language academic writing instruction, and curriculum design. She has earned three certifications from the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) and written and published and presented extensively about the use of flipped learning to teach English in both on-ground and online settings. In 2019, she and Dr. Voss co-authored a book titled “Flipped academic English language learning: Experiences from an American university,” published by Springer. 

Dr. Erik Voss

Dr. Erik VossErik Voss is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City where he teaches courses on corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, educational linguistics, and TESOL classroom practices. His research interests include applications of artificial intelligence and natural language processing in applied linguistics, language assessment and technology, and language assessment validation research. In addition to publishing and presenting on language and technology, Dr. Voss has recently co-edited the volume Validity Argument in Language Testing: Case Studies of Validation Research. He has served as secretary of the Midwest Association of Language Testers (MwALT), as member-at-large on the board of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA).