You are here: American University Finance Controller's Office Fiscal Year-End Close Timetable


June 10, 2020 Open PO Letter to Departments

June 12, 2020 Sponsored Research Fiscal Year 2020 Award Cutoff

June 16, 2020 Last Day to Submit Invoices / Payment Requests through WebNow ( NOTE: This DOES NOT  mean AP will stop processing invoices received after June 16th. AP will continue  to process invoices as quickly and efficiently as possible through June 30th. However, if an invoice is not received in the AP inbox by the 16th, it is very likely the invoice will not be processed with a June date and will therefore, post to the general ledger in July 2020.

June 16, 2020 Last Day to Submit Requests for AU Rewards Cards

June 19, 2020 Last Day to Submit Purchase Requisitions for Fiscal Year 2020

June 19, 2020 Last Day to Purchase items from WB Mason

June 25, 2020 Requisitions for Fiscal Year 2021 can be entered into Colleague. NOTE: Purchase orders will start July 1st if all required documentation (quotations, proposals, etc.) is received by PCD

June 30, 2020 Cut-off for Fiscal Year 2020 P-Card Expenses. NOTE: the transaction must be POSTED to your P-Card statement to be expensed in Fiscal Year 2020 – all transactions pending or not processed on your P-Card statement as of the 30th will be expensed in Fiscal Year 2021

June 30, 2020 Fiscal Year Ends

July 8, 2020 Last Day to Deposit Cash Receipts at Capital One

July 8, 2020 Last Day to Submit to Development Fiscal Year 2020 Gifts

July 8, 2020 Faculty Research Allocations Due

July 8, 2020 List of Accrued Expense and Prepaid Expenses Due

July 8, 2020 JE Corrections Due

July 10, 2020 First Closing

July 13, 2020 Run Internal Reports

July 17, 2020 Final Accrued Expenses and Prepaid Expenses Due

July 17, 2020 Final JE Corrections

July 22, 2020 Second Closing

July 27, 2020 Run Internal Reports

August 2020 Audit Field Work Begins

October 2020 Audit Sign-off