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Steps To Make An Online Payment:

Payments to your student account are accepted online through the Eagle Service link. This payment option is available on the myAU Portal.

The steps below will guide you on how to make your payment on-line. Please also visit Eagle Service to view an on-line tutorial of how to make a payment.

  1. Click on "Pay/View Bill"
  2. Click on the "Student Finance." You immediately will be brought to the "Make a Payment" tab. This tab will display all outstanding term balances.
  3. To change the amount you wish to pay, simply type in a new amount in the "Amount to Pay" field. If you do not wish to pay a specific term balance, deselect the term by clicking on the term box.
  4. After you have entered in the amount you wish to pay, select "E-Check" or "Credit Card" from the "Choose a Payment Method" drop down field, located on top, and then click on "Proceed to Payment."
  5. You then will be brought to "Review Payment Selection" page. Review the total amount and then click on "Pay Now."
  6. You then will be brought to the "Electronic Check or Credit Card Entry" page. Here you will enter your bank account information, both account and routing number and/or credit card information, as well as name, address and e-mail address. Please note: If you do not provide an e-mail address, you will not receive a receipt for your payment. After that information is entered in click on "Pay Now."
  7. Next, you will be brought to the "Payment Acknowledgement" page. This page will display your receipt number as well as the account to which the payment was applied. After you have reviewed the information, click on "Continue" to complete the payment transaction.


Remember to double-check that each number is correct, and that the account number and routing number are in the correct boxes. Do not place spaces or dashes in the account or routing numbers.

Most checks will display the bank routing number and bank account number. However, a few check companies may display this information in a different manner on your checks. When making an e-payment, please ensure that you use your correct ABA and account numbers.

If the page content is not displaying correctly or the payment button is disabled, please clear your browser's cache and update to the latest version of Java.

Online payments made with incorrect numbers will not be recognized by your financial institution, and the payment will "bounce" within one to five business days, and you will be assessed a $25 returned check fee.

For savings accounts and other non regular personal bank accounts please contact your financial institution to see if direct debit can be made.

Please note:

  • Your online payment amount must be less than $50,000.00.
  • For credit and debit card payments, a non-refundable service fee 2.80% of the charge amount  will be charged to your credit or debit card account when making credit or debit card payments applied to your student account bill. Service Fees are not charged for enrollment deposits (tuition deposits and housing deposits).