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Summer Registration Cancellation Policy

Students who fail to pay their Summer/T3 Term registration bills on time, risk having their Fall/T4 registrations cancelled. Students removed from all Fall/T4 Term courses will have a service stop placed on your account and will not be able to obtain a transcript.

When Fall/T4 registration is cancelled, students are no longer eligible to re-register for Fall/T4 courses until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the same classes will be available.

Payment Due Date for Summer/T3 Term Bills
Term Payment Due Date
Summer Term Bills

May 1st

T3 Term Bills

July 3rd

To avoid cancellation of Fall/T4 registration, your payment must be received by the end of the 3rd week of July.

Please log into Eagle Service to view and pay your bill.

You can overnight your payment to:

American University 
Office of Student Accounts 
3201 New Mexico Ave, Suite 205 
Washington, DC 20016