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The Importance of Financial Literacy

Understanding the numerous aspects of money and finances can be a bit overwhelming. From creating a budget to understanding your credit score, there are a lot of components to becoming financially literate. Financial literacy means having an understanding various financial skills so you can make an informed and smart decision with your finances. 

In order to help all students become more informed, the Office of FInancial Aid has created several resources regarding financial literacy. 

Financial Literacy: Videos and Tools

How to Create a Budget

This video will walk you through, step by step, how to create a monthly budget. 

Runtime: 10 minutes 33 seconds

Create a Budget

Monthly Budget Tool

Download the monthly budget tool used in the How to Create a Budget video.

Download Tool

Banking Basics

This video will cover the basics of banking. You'll learn the different types of banking, services they provide, and the pros and cons of using either. 

Runtime: 12 minutes 13 seconds

Banking 101

Credit Basics

In this video you will learn what credit is, how do you get credit, how is credit measured, and how do you keep "good" credit.

Runtime: 22 minutes 32 seconds

Credit 101

Credit Reports

In this video, you will learn about credit reports and what information the reports contain. You will also learn about the three credit reporting agencies.

Runtime: 19 minutes 12 seconds

Credit Reports 101

Work It: Direct Deposit, Checks, & Bill Pay

In this video you will learn about direct deposit, personal checks, and how to set up automatic bill pay.

Runtime: 9 minutes 57 seconds

Work It

Financial Literacy: Presentations

Do This Not That

This presentation provides advice on how to be smart with your money during college, and beyond. 

View Presentation

Quick Financial Literacy Tips

This flyer compares advice side by side on what you should and shouldn't do regarding money and finances.

View Flyer