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Photograph of Mohamed Nimer

Mohamed Nimer Assistant Professor Office of Global and Immersive Studies Faculty

Additional Positions at AU
Assistant Professor, International Relations
Ph.D., political science

Languages Spoken
Areas of Expertise: Quantitative Methods, International Development, Middle East
Dr. Nimer teaches International Affairs and Intercultural Understanding at the School of Professional and Extended Studies. He is author of The North American Muslim Resource Guide: Muslim Community Life in the United States and Canada (Routledge, 2002). His recent writings include Americanizing Islamists (The American Interest, July/August, 2011) and The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States: Citizens with Foreign Attachments? (Middle East Policy, Vol. 17, No. 4, Winter 2010).

Dr. Nimer conducted field research on Middle East politics and development. He traveled extensively in Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Dr. Nimer also teaches religion and politics worldwide at the School of International Service. His research interests include the Middle East, American Muslims, political Islam and peacebuilding.
For the Media
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Spring 2024

  • CORE-105 Complex Problems Seminar: Religion and World Politics

  • CORE-105 Complex Problems Seminar: Religion and World Politics

  • HNRS-151 AU Honors Research Experience: Religion/Politics Intersection

  • UGST-120 AU Cornerstone Practicum

  • UGST-120 AU Cornerstone Practicum

Fall 2024

  • CORE-106 Complex Problems Seminar: Religion and World Politics

  • HNRS-150 AU Honors Exper Learning