AU Cornerstone Learning Outcomes

All AU Cornerstone students are members of University College, AU's largest living-learning community. The AU Cornerstone program expands upon the learning outcomes of the University College program through both the internship and study abroad pathways. 

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AU Cornerstone Learning Outcome #1:

  • Skill development: Students will actively cultivate a diverse range of practical and transferable skills, fostering their ability to excel in academic, personal, and professional contexts. 
  • Builds upon the UC Learning Outcome of Personal & Professional Growth.

AU Cornerstone Learning Outcome #2:

  • Passion Discovery: Students will gain insights into various career paths and industries, developing an understanding of their own interests and strengths, to make informed decisions about their future professional endeavors. 
  • Builds upon the UC Learning Outcome of Experential Learning.

AU Cornerstone Learning Outcome #3:

  • Cross-cultural competence: Students will develop the capacity to navigate and engage with diverse cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds, enhancing their ability to collaborate and thrive in multicultural environments. 
  • Builds upon the UC Learning Outcome of Social Justice & Global Impact.

AU Cornerstone Learning Outcome #4:

  • Networking: Students will build and nurture connections with peers, mentors, professionals, and organizations, creating a valuable web of relationships to support their academic and career aspirations. 
  • Builds upon the UC Learning Outcome of Engaged Community.