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University College Staff

Brad Knight (he/him)

Senior Director, AU Core and University College

Hometown: Fremont, NE
Favorite place on campus: The sunlit SIS atrium & steps, which are good places to meet students or colleagues for a Dav coffee and to people watch. 
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: A run along the National Mall (a round trip from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial) is just shy of an easy 5 miles. 
Talk to me about... Fantasy novels, Politics, Being a first generation college student and/or LGBTQIA+, Research/career advice, My beagle

Kyle Johnson (he/him)

Assistant Director, University College and Sophomore Living-Learning Communities

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite place on campus: Main Quad! Such a great place to see AU faculty, staff, and students come together.
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: Love grabbing an Everything Bagel and Cold Brew from Call Your Mother Deli and sitting in Logan Circle on a nice day!
Talk to me about... Orangetheory Fitness, Places to brunch, Why LLCs are so fun!, Being Multiracial and LGBTQIA+, My Goldendoodle

Adam Tamashasky (he/him)

Faculty Director, Complex Problems

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite place on campus: The classroom (I love being in class!)
Favorite place in DMV: The Great Hall at the Library of Congress
Talk to me about... evil

Kyrsten Novencido (she/they)

Coordinator, Living-Learning Communities


Hometown: Northlake, IL
Favorite place on campus: Quad space in front of the Library
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: Hiking followed by a big lunch
Talk to me about... your favorite food spots, your DnD OC, cozy games, horror movies

Luke Waters (he/him)

Program Coordinator, AU Cornerstone


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: I absolutely love the atrium of the American Art Museum, one of my favorite places to work.
Talk to me about... Music, NBA, politics, movies, TV, podcasts, and all things AUCS!

Baba Zak Kondo (he/him)

Part-time Coordinator - Internships & Employer Relations, AU Cornerstone


Did you know... Baba is author of the most authoritative work on Malcolm X’s assassination (currently being revised) and other works and has served as a consultant on and/or was featured in seven films focusing on Malcolm X and/or the Black Panthers, including Spike Lee’s motion picture, “Malcolm X,” the award-winning documentary “41st and Central” (on the LA Black Panthers), and the Netflix documentary, “Who Killed Malcolm X?”. He's also spoken at over 45 colleges and universities!

Tanishka Talagadadeevi (she/her)

Program Assistant, Living-Learning Communities


Hometown: Reading, PA 
Favorite place on campus: SPA Sub Terrace
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: The FDR Memorial is quiet and beautiful, go during cherry blossom season for the best views!
Talk to me about... food, anime, cats, social justice, SPA, and all things LLCs!

Fall 2024 Senior Program Leaders

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