Printer Locations

Bender Library has three, high-volume black and white printers and one color printer located on the lower level. Every computer in the library prints to these printers. There is also a quick print station downstairs with six computers, which patrons can use to send print jobs. The Graduate Research Center, accessible from both the SIS terrace level and the Library's lower level, also has a high-volume printer/scanner.

Printing with Papercut

Patrons will use a cloud-based system (Papercut) to print, whether printing from library computers or laptops. Documents can be sent from your personal computer or mobile device using PaperCut Mobile Print. For instructions on setting up the printer on your device, please see these instructions.

  • To access AU's printing system, you must be oncampus or connected to the VPN. Visit here to find instructions on connecting to the VPN.
  • To check your printing allotment or EagleBucks balances, login at

Quick printing at the print center desktop workstations

  1. Log onto workstation using AU Credentials (username and password)
  2. Open documents you would like to print
    1. We recommend downloading documents from google drive prior to printing in order to avoid any formatting errors
  3. Press CTRL or “print”, set destination as “” and set formatting specifications as desired
  4. Click Print
  5. Swipe AU ID on any printer in the LL of the library (either color or Black and white per your preference) and select “print release” to print all jobs or “select jobs” to print specific queued documents

Costs & Payment

The Library printers only accept EagleBucks or print funds. Students receive $25.00 per semester for printing needs. To check your print fund balance, please log into the OneCard System. To access AU's printing system, you must be on-campus or connected to the VPN. Visit here to find instructions on connecting to the VPN. If you did not receive print funds, please contact us.

Printing costs ten cents ($0.10) per page. All library printers default to double-sided printing to conserve paper.

Ink & Paper

The Library printers are able to print in black and white, and color. Paper sizes include 8.5 x 11, and 11 x 17. We are unable to print on A4 paper. Make sure that your file is formatted and saved with the correct paper size.

Printing Help

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