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Truman—Times Two

Jackson Boaz, SPA/BA ’24, and Edwin Santos, SPA/BA ’24, MPA ’25, were named 2024 Truman Scholars—AU’s first in four years.

Spotlight on Elections: US and Globally

2024 Elections: AU Faculty Thought Leaders

American University experts share their insights and research into a broad range of issues related to the 2024 elections in the United States and globally.

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Global Elections Tracker

AU Voter Friendly Campus 2024

During the run-up to the US presidential election in November 2024, SIS is tracking national elections globally. Individual results may help highlight trends in democratization and democratic backsliding.

Sourced from a variety of reputable news and information outlets, the SIS Global Elections Tracker was established as a new resource for keeping apprised of politics at the national level—to promote active engagement and analysis.

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