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Photograph of Aleksandra Shatokhina

Aleksandra Shatokhina Graduate Admissions Specialist SOC | Online Partner Programs (OPM)

Aleksandra Shatokhina, an American University alumna with a Master's in Strategic Communications and a Bachelor's in International Relations from Florida International University, has seamlessly transitioned to a role as a Graduate Admissions Specialist at the same university. Her academic journey, enriched by her deep understanding of communication and international dynamics, uniquely positions her for this role. Aleksandra's previous work experience, which includes significant responsibilities in strategic planning and market analysis, has honed her skills in effectively managing complex tasks and understanding diverse perspectives.

In her current position at American University, Aleksandra leverages these skills to excel in the multifaceted world of graduate admissions. Her ability to strategize, coupled with her experience in understanding diverse international contexts, is crucial for assessing and addressing the needs of prospective students from various backgrounds. Fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, Aleksandra's linguistic proficiency is a valuable asset in communicating with a diverse applicant pool. Additionally, her adeptness with various software tools and social media platforms enables her to effectively engage with and assist students, ensuring a smooth and efficient admissions process.