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Photograph of Robert SanGeorge

Robert SanGeorge Career Advisor DOF | Career Center

Additional Positions at AU
LinkedIn Profile
MA, Public Policy & Kiplinger Foundation Fellow
The Ohio State University
BSc, Communications, Syracuse University
BA, Political Science, Syracuse University

Languages Spoken
French, Spanish, Italian
Favorite Spot on Campus
The wooden benches where you can sit and enjoy the garden near the amphitheater
Book Currently Reading
Warriors of God: Richard the Lionhart & Saladin in the Third Crusade, by James Reston Jr.
Robert advises grad students in the School of Public Affairs, as well as SPA seniors. He served for over 25 years as a senior executive in advocacy and public policy with the United Nations and major NGOs in Geneva, Washington, and New York. His public policy expertise has been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences, serving on its Committee on Risk Perception & Risk Communications, as well by George Washington University, where he was a Shapiro Teaching Fellow. Robert brings extensive first-hand knowledge of key public policy areas, including federal government trends, national politics, digital advocacy, public health, energy & environment, children’s issues, poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship. Robert is AU's Lead Advisor for Presidential Management Fellow candidates. He received AU's Innovator of the Year award (2013), as well as special awards from both the School of Public Affairs (2016) and School of International Service (2012). He has lectured in English and French in Europe, Africa and Asia. He holds a master's degree in Public Policy from Ohio State University, and dual bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Advocacy Communications from Syracuse University.