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Photograph of Abdullah Atalan

Abdullah Atalan Political Science (PhD)

B.A.,Political Science and International Relations, Bogazici University
M.A.,Middle Eastern Studies, King’s College, London

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Abdullah is a PhD student at American University. He studies comparative politics, political methodology with concentrations in civil-military relations and regime-types in the Middle East.

Abdullah works as a research assistant for Dr. Laura Paler, where he aids in research projects pertaining to Lebanon's electoral system and the cooptation strategies of Lebanese elites. Abdullah also works as a research assistant for Prof. Jeff Gill, where he aids in enhancing R packages as well as aids in a project where they work on spacing in ordinal variables of public opinion measurement. Abdullah also works as a fellow at the American University Center for Data Science, as well as an editorial assistant for Political Analysis Journal.

Abdullah also has two years of experience working in media and speaks English, Turkish, and Arabic.