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Photograph of Cindy Ragab

Cindy Ragab Political Science (PhD)

B.A. Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A. International Development, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Denver University

Cindy Ragab is a PhD student at American University. She studies comparative politics with a focus on the nexus of governance, the political economy of development, climate and conflict resolution. Cindy is currently studying the relationship between governance and climate mitigation policy, the potential for adaptation policy to reduce poverty and inequality and conflict resolution as it relates to democratization particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. She writes about climate migration, resilience and climate conflict.

Before joining American University, Cindy worked in international development for such organizations as the World Bank, the National Democratic Institute, and Innovations for Poverty Action. She later founded and led a global consulting firm working on sustainability and economic development.