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Photograph of Mark Tenenbaum

Mark Tenenbaum Political Science (PhD)

BA, Political Science, University of Rhode Island
BA, Economics, University of Rhode Island

Mark is a third year PhD student at American University. He studies American politics, with interests in religion and politics, racial and ethnic politics, and political behavior. Some of Mark’s current research projects include examining social status threat among White Christians, social pressure faced by Black Americans at church to conform to group political norms (with Marcus Johnson), and differences in attitudes and behaviors between evangelical and fundamentalist Christians. Mark also collaborates with Dr. Elizabeth Suhay on her work pertaining to Americans’ explanations for economic inequality, including their recent publication: "Explanations for Inequality and Partisan Polarization the U.S.,1980-2002" (with Austin Bartola).

Prior to attending American University, Mark completed Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and political science at the University of Rhode Island, and worked as a financial advisor for a Rhode Island-based investment advisory firm.
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