Returning students requesting accommodation letters for the upcoming semester should submit this form

If you need to request a change in your accommodations, please schedule an appointment with your Disability Access Advisor.

You are responsible for providing your instructors with a copy of your accommodation letter either electronically or in hard copy. Instructors are not obligated to accommodate your disability until they receive your current letter of accommodation. Accommodations are not applied retroactively.

Students who plan to use their disability-related accommodations to take tests at the ASAC must submit requests using our online form at least seven days before the date the test will be taken at the ASAC.

The deadline for final exam requests is different and will be communicated by email to students each semester.

For more information about using the online request form or taking tests at the ASAC, visit the Testing Accommodations page.

Students can learn more about Assistive Technology here. You can also make an appointment with our AT Manager to consult about whether or not AT may be helpful for you.

If you have been approved to receive alternative text materials, please submit your requests using the online form below. It is important to request your text at least three weeks before the semester begins or as soon as possible thereafter so you can begin your coursework on time.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Identify textbooks for your courses by checking the University Bookstore's website: University textbook by course search
  2. When purchasing a textbook, check to see if there is an electronic version available.
  3. Provide your request as soon as possible. To request your books please fill out the Alternative Text request form.
  4. Save your proof of purchase. You will need to show this to our office.
  5. If you have questions contact our Assistive Technology staff by calling 202-885-3360.

For one-time occurrences and AU events:

Please submit an interpreter request form. The form can be filled out by any registered ASAC student approved for interpreting or CART accommodations. We ask that requests be made a minimum of five business days in advance of the event date. If you have questions about interpreting or live captioning, please call the ASAC at 202-885-3360 or email

For AU courses:

All students who are formally enrolled in an AU course should send their course schedules to as soon as they have registered. If students make changes to their schedules, it is important to notify the Accommodations Coordinator as soon as possible to ensure your communication needs are met in a timely manner.

  1. A request for a disability-related housing accommodation must be initiated through the ASAC.
  2. A student requesting a disability-related housing accommodation must also participate in the general housing application process through Housing & Dining Programs, including meeting its established deadlines.

For more information about requesting disability-related housing accommodations, please visit the Documentation and Eligibility page.

The ASAC and the Office of the University Registrar work together before each semester to ensure that students who have already been approved for accessible classrooms are scheduled in appropriate spaces.

Newly-enrolled students or enrolled students with newly-acquired disabilities that require classroom accessibility accommodations are encouraged to reach out to the ASAC as soon as possible. You will need to go through the three-step process of documenting your disability with the ASAC. We will then work together with the University Registrar to place your courses in accessible classrooms. Please note, it can take several business days to process a request. We encourage students with classroom accessibility needs to connect with our office as soon as possible.


Students who have a food allergy that substantially limits major life activities are strongly encouraged to make the university aware of their needs as early as possible. Please follow the directions found on the Documentation and Eligibility page.

You can raise accommodation requests with your Disability Access Advisor as part of step three of the three-step process of documenting your disability.

After you've received your accommodation letter, if your needs change, or you would like to discuss an alternative request for accommodation, please reach out to your Disability Access Advisor right away to discuss this.


Reasonable Accommodation Reconsideration Process:

American University is committed to providing equal access to all its programs, services, and activities for individuals with disabilities. The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) facilitates this commitment for enrolled students by verifying a student’s disability and identifying the reasonable accommodation(s) that should be provided to ensure equitable access. Reasonable accommodations are meant to ensure access and are not meant to impose an undue burden or fundamental alteration to any program.

ASAC has established an internal reconsideration process to provide students the option of an internal resolution if they believe their accommodation requests were unduly denied. 

If a student believes they were unduly denied accommodation, they should first attempt to resolve the issue informally by bringing their concern to their Disability Access Advisor (DAA). The student should be clear and provide detailed reasoning as to why a reconsideration is necessary. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached informally with their DAA, the student may then initiate a formal reconsideration request in writing to the Director of Disability Support.

To initiate a formal reconsideration, the student must submit a written reconsideration request to the Director of Disability Support within fifteen (15) business days of the alleged denial. The written reconsideration request should include:

  • Student’s Name and AUID number;
  • The specific accommodation issue that is the subject of the reconsideration request;
  • A clear and detailed statement as to why a reconsideration is necessary, including the facts on which the reconsideration is based;
  • Any supporting information and documentation; and
  • The resolution requested. 

Upon receipt of the written reconsideration request, the Director of Disability Support, or their designee, will promptly review the written reconsideration request and the student’s ASAC file.  The Director of Disability Support or their designee may meet with the student at their discretion and connect with any relevant campus partners to gather necessary information. A final decision will be provided to the student in writing in a timely manner, normally within fifteen (15) business days. Where the estimated timeframe cannot be adhered to, the Director of Disability Support, or their designee, will notify the student in writing explaining the reason for the delay and providing an anticipated decision date.  The decision of the Director of Disability Support or their designee is final.