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Accommodated Testing Butler Pavilion 300

The ASAC administers assessments for students with approved, testing accommodations who are enrolled at AU. If you are not yet registered with the ASAC and would like to be reviewed for accommodations, please follow the 3 Step Process.

To make an appointment for an Exam

It is important for students to make reservations with our office no less than 7 days prior to each assessment (exams, quizzes, etc.) For example, in order to reserve a seat for an assessment on Friday October 22nd, you must register by 11:59PM on Friday October 15th using the online portal. Many professors provide assessment dates on their syllabi. Students can begin to make reservations on the first day of each semester.

Use the ASAC Testing Request Form. If you need assistance with the Exams portal, please call 202-885-3489.

ASAC Test Booking Video


ASAC Test Booking Video

Office Operating Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST


  • Students registered with ASAC can request their updated letters using the following link: letter request form
  • Students not yet registered with ASAC need to follow the 3-Step-Registration Process by following this link: registration form
  1. Students are responsible for providing a copy of the letter to each of their professors. Please do this as soon as the semester begins.
  2. Students should make appointments for their exams using the online portal. Appointments should be made as soon as possible but no later than 7 days prior to your assessment for a guaranteed reservation.
  3. If you have an online assessment, remember to email your professor 7 days prior to the date.
  4. If your professor changes the date of an assessment and it is going to occur within the next 6 calendar days, please reach out the exams office for next steps.

Students must make their appointments no later than 7 days prior to their assessment using the online portal. For example, for an exam on Tuesday September 21st, you should make your appointment no later than Tuesday September 14th 11:59PM.

Appointments can be made for any day of the semester beginning on the first day of classes.

Pro-tip: Gather all your syllabi and record the dates of each quiz, exam, and other assessments. Using a calendar is a good idea. Log onto the registration portal and make appointments for each assessment.

Assessments will be administered at the ASAC office in the Butler Pavilion 300. The front desk team will help you to our office.

For online assessments that are administered remotely, your exams should be taken in a setting according to your professor’s instructions. Additionally, students need to email their professors seven (7) days in advance of an assessment if they plan to use their testing accommodations.

Students should bring:

Masks (according to AU protocol)

Pens and pencils (we can provide them if you forget)

The following are only permitted with professor or ASAC permission:

Class or study notes



You may bring:

Drink bottles with a sealable top

We can provide:

Scratch paperPens and PencilsOne time use ear plugs

  1. Please email, or call 202-885-3489. 

For Questions or Comments, Email: