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WCL Accommodations

American University (AU) is committed to promoting access for law students with disabilities within the university’s diverse community. The determination of reasonable accommodations is a deliberative and collaborative process that is responsive to each student’s disability and individual needs.  A non-exhaustive list of accommodations in the law school setting may include extra time on exams, use of a computer and/or assistive technology, notetaking recording software, alternative format text materials, and interpreting services. As accommodations are not retroactive, it is important for registered students to work with the ASAC at the beginning of each semester. Students with new or temporary disabilities are encouraged to register as early as possible.

Any student, staff, or faculty member who is looking to learn about disability support at WCL is encouraged to contact

  • Getting Started with Disability Accommodations: To receive disability accommodations for the first time at American University Washington College of Law, you must register with the Academic Support and Access Center by submitting documentation and completing the three-step process.
  • Exams with Accommodations: Students who are approved and plan to use their disability-related accommodations to take tests at AUWCL must submit requests using our online forms. Please note the deadlines below:
    • Midterms: Submit at least fourteen (14) days before the date of an exam using our Midterm Request Form
    • Fall Spring & Summer Final Exams: 2 weeks before the official last day of classes in the semester using our Finals Request Form
  • Classroom Accommodation Request: To active classroom accommodations each semester, students should fill out our Classroom Request Form. Filling out this form grants permission for communication to faculty. Students are responsible for notifying our team about any class changes. 
  • Alternative Text Materials: Students must submit requests for e-textbooks using our online form. Requests should be made at least three weeks before the semester begins or as soon as possible thereafter so you can begin your coursework on time. Please submit your proof of purchase of each text to WCL Disability Support at
  • Interpreting/CART/TypeWell
    • For one-time occurrences and WCL events: Please submit a request form. This form is meant for WCL students approved by the ASAC to receive interpreting/CART/TypeWell accommodations. We ask that requests be made a minimum of five full business days in advance of the event date. If you have any questions about interpreting or live captioning, please contact WCL Disability Support at
    • For WCL courses: All WCL students who are formally enrolled in a course should send their course schedules directly to WCL Disability Support at as soon as they have registered. If students make changes to their schedules, it is important to provide notification as soon as possible to ensure your communication needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Request to Release ASAC Records: For alumni or current students who wish to request any documentation or record of accommodations on file, please fill out our request form. Files may be requested to be sent by email, US mail (paper copy), or for pick up (paper copy). Please allow 2-3 business weeks for processing requests.
  • WCL Disability Handbook 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Priority Deadlines

Academic Priority Deadlines*:
For Spring 2023 – December 1, 2022 
For Summer 2023 – April 1, 2023
For Fall 2023 - July 3, 2023

*Deadlines associated with traditional academic calendar. Students enrolling in programs with alternate calendars should submit their documentation for review upon paying enrollment deposit. As these are priority deadlines, missing the deadline does not make you ineligible for receiving accommodations; the ASAC will make every effort to review and implement accommodations outside of the priority deadlines, however accommodation implementation cannot be guaranteed until the subsequent semester.