Preparing Your Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Submitting Your Thesis and Dissertation Files Electronically

If your graduate program requires a thesis or dissertation, please review the information on this website, designed to assist you in meeting the requirements for a successful thesis or dissertation. As you begin working on your proposal, familiarize yourself with the information contained in the American University Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Submission & Style Guide and Checklist. You will continue to refer to this information as you write, format, and prepare to submit your thesis or dissertation.

Proposing A Topic

You will submit a written proposal for your thesis or dissertation topic to be approved by your department or school. The proposal should convey the feasibility of the proposed project and present evidence of the soundness of the proposed methodology for accomplishing the research. Consult with your advisor for more information on your school or college’s proposal procedures.

Note: If your research will involve observing, surveying, interviewing, or experimenting on human subjects, you must consult with your department/school representative to the University’s Institutional Review Board. If your research meets the definition of human subjects research, you will need to complete ethics training and submit a project description for IRB approval before you can begin the project.

Several resources are available to assist you with formatting your thesis or dissertation according to the AU guidelines and your chosen style guide. MS Word templates and LaTeX templates are available. Your school or college may review the formatting of your document and require changes if the document does not conform to the guidelines.

Formatting Assistance

Students with questions about how to format in MS Word or the MS Word template can schedule an appointment with their school's ETD administrator.

Information about American University's Microsoft Word and LaTeX templates designed to assist you in formatting your thesis or dissertation. Videos coming soon on use of the templates.

Word Templates

PC-Word 2016
Login using your AU email and password. You can then download the files that you need to your computer.

Mac-Word 2016
Login using your AU email and password. You can then download the files that you need to your computer.


In order to qualify for graduation in the semester listed, you must upload the final version of your ETD and return the Thesis/Dissertation Completion Form with all required signatures to your school or college on or before the deadline listed below. When you are ready to upload your thesis or dissertation, you will upload it at the UMI ETD submission site for American University. For instructions regarding the upload process, see Chapter 4 of the ETD Style Guide. 


Semester Document Upload for Formatting and Review Upload Final Version
Summer 2023 July 21, 2023 August 10, 2023
Fall 2023 November 10, 2023 December 8, 2023
Spring 2024 March 29, 2024 April 29, 2024

ETD Administrator By School
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