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At the School of International Service, our faculty are at the core of what makes us a top-10 school for international affairs. We are an award-winning group of scholar-teachers covering myriad disciplines that are so necessary for understanding today's complex international challenges and opportunities. The SIS Faculty Affairs Office provides support and serves as an anchor for our faculty community of 120 scholar-teachers.

Our faculty have access to innovative initiatives: diversity and inclusion, mentoring, and research programs. SIS faculty are dedicated to significant service and often hold presidential or other leadership positions in professional associations, engage in meaningful volunteer work, serve on editorial boards and as journal reviewers, and so much more. They are supported and encouraged to teach around the world, teach through various digital platforms, and engage with academics from sister universities. Opportunities truly abound for SIS faculty.

Joining a diverse & multidisciplinary community

Marcelo Bohrt

I’m happy to have supportive colleagues who share research interests.

SIS is a welcoming and interdisciplinary space; it’s the norm here. There’s a clear interest in cultivating interdisciplinary research and training students to become leaders and scholars that straddle disciplines. At the same time, the sociological lens I bring to my teaching and research on the role of race in politics and statecraft in the Americas is valued. I’m also pleased to see an administration committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

A growing top-10 school for international affairs, SIS hired 28

new full-time faculty since 2015

SIS Faculty Research

SIS scholar-teachers often:

  • Incorporate research into their teaching and provide opportunities for students to coauthor publications
  • Receive numerous external awards
  • Contribute to cutting-edge research findings

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