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If your question is not addressed here, please contact us at or 202-885-2442.


Accepted NSLC students interested in registering for the College Credit Option should go to the NSLC website for enrolled students and fill out the online registration form for College Credit. To register for credit option you will need the NSLC Student ID that was assigned to you in your NSLC acceptance packet.

This credit option does not take away from your activities at the NSLC but further enriches your experience. The AU credit course is taught online in a self-paced, asynchronous format, allowing flexibility in completing reading and written assignments on your own schedule. Students enrolled in NSLC campus programs held in June will begin their online course after returning home. Those students enrolled in July and August campus programs will access their AU course before and after their campus program. Students are not expected to complete any work for the AU course while they are participating in the campus program. 

The College Credit Option introduces high school students not only to the expectations of college-level academics but also to the responsibilities of registration at a university. Students and their parents/guardians should note carefully the associated registration, records, and refund policies and deadlines. Any changes to a registration must adhere to the published deadlines and will be subject to the refund policy.

Upon notification of a change in registration received by the NSLC on or before June 1, 2024, the difference in tuition paid for an AU course will be refunded. If a student cancels registration on June 2, 2024 or later or leaves while a program is in session, no refunds will be permitted. This policy is necessary to account for the program costs incurred with each enrollment.

Communicating Changes in Registration

Changes in registration (with the exception of a request for pass/fail) prior to the first day of the AU course should be communicated directly with NSLC. Changes in registration on or after the first day of the AU course must be communicated directly to AU at Requests to change grade type to pass/fail should also by emailed to


Tuition and Fees

In recognition of the scholastic aptitude and leadership merit of the students selected for NSLC, American University is offering a special reduced tuition rate of $965 per credit. Please note that AU will process a 1098-T tax document which reflects the financial aid received by students. 

Tuition is refundable if NSLC receives notification of cancellation by June 1, 2024. If a student cancels registration after June 1st or leaves while a program is in session, no refunds will be permitted. This policy is necessary to account for the program costs incurred with each enrollment.

Program Information

No. Students enrolled in the College Credit Option arrive on campus as other NSLC participants. The AU credit course is taught online in a self-paced, asynchronous format. The AU online course dates—July 1 (with access as of June 24) to August 9—are structured to incorporate your on-campus NSLC program, regardless of its dates and location.

All college credit online courses are taught by highly-regarded American University faculty.

Over the years, thousands of NSLC students have elected to participate in the College Credit Option. The students in your college credit online course will be your peers in the NSLC program you attended, combined with students from other NSLC sites.

Professors are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your course. Several days before the start date, you will gain access to your course via AU's Canvas platform. The course site will contain a welcome letter from your professor. During your course, you may contact your professor at any time to ask questions. Your professor will also hold office hours via Skype or Zoom. Contact information will be available on your course syllabus.

While the AU College Credit Option will not detract from the NSLC experience, it demands excellence in student performance. Participating students will be engaged, taught, and evaluated at the college-level by a university professor, who will provide a stimulating, innovative, and personalized learning experience that will help to prepare you for the expectations of higher education. This college course will require a commitment by students to complete assignments about every two weeks during the course.  Extensions are possible, but students must get confirmation in writing from their professors. For more information about what you can expect, please review the academic expectations.

Students will be assigned reading and written assignments appropriate for a one-credit college-level course. Working at times that suit your own schedule, you are expected to complete assignments according to assigned deadlines with a final course completion date of August 9. Your course syllabus will provide precise information on assignment due dates. 

Grade and Transcript Information

Students usually take the college credit as a letter grade (A-F), especially if they anticipate seeking to transfer the credit to another school. Many colleges and universities do not accept transfer credit taken pass/fail. However, students may elect take take the course on a pass-fail basis. To take the course pass-fail, a student must elect to do so before the withdrawal date specified on the course syllabus.  For more information, contact

Upon completion of your course, your grade will be posted on Canvas. In addition, you will be provided instructions for ordering an official American University transcript which documents your credit and grade. 

NSLC students who took an AU credit course with your NSLC program and would like to receive an official American University transcript of your grade will need to submit a transcript request. Follow the directions for "New User" through the online ordering system.

Note: This process will involve creating an account and submitting a few pieces of information, such as your birthdate so that your record can be located.  If you have questions, please call 202-885-2022.