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Mohammed Abu-Nimer wins Niwano Peace Prize

Professor Mohammed Abu-Nimer delivering his inaugural Said Chair lecture. The Niwano Peace Foundation has selected SIS Professor and Abdul Aziz Said Chair in International Peace and Conflict Resolution Mohammed Abu-Nimer as the recipient of the 41st Niwano Peace Prize in recognition of his lifelong commitment to peace and interfaith dialogue.

The foundation noted Abu-Nimer's holistic contribution to the cause of peace, which integrates education with conflict resolution and peacebuilding activities, particularly through his profound understanding of forgiveness and reconciliation in Islam and applying it effectively in practice.

The foundation's statement also referenced Abu-Nimer's work at AU, as a professor of Peace and Conflict Resolution and founder of the Salam Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and practice on issues related to conflict resolution, nonviolence, human rights, and development.

In a constant effort to maintain a global perspective, the Niwano Peace Foundation, aiming to recognize and encourage those who significantly contribute to inter-religious cooperation and foster global peace, seeks nominations from individuals of recognized intellectual and religious standing worldwide. The rigorous selection process involves input from designated nominators and organizations across diverse religions and academic backgrounds.

The statement concluded by noting that Professor Abu-Nimer’s efforts “have impacted multiple spaces and fields, and he has an incredibly impressive record of leading, training, facilitating, and building, all deeply rooted in and inspired by the Islamic tradition,” and that his work to promote peace, understanding, and cooperation have rightfully earned him this prestigious accolade.