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Bringing Korea's experiences & insights to the global center of policy and politics

Korea in Global Affairs is a research initiative at the School of International Service at American University.

Understanding a key player in the Indo-Pacific and globally

Korea is a pivotal global player in interconnected economic, security, and cultural affairs. But Korea's role is underappreciated and understudied. SIS's Korea in Global Affairs initiative exists to unveil, analyze, and provide thought leadership on Korea's critical place in a complex world of rising geopolitical risks and growing concerns about the future of the international order. We produce leading scholarship and commentary, and we foster dialogue. Our Washington, DC, location ideally positions us to serve as convenor and facilitator of valuable insights from and about Korea, bringing these to bear on pressing global challenges.

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This initiative delves into four research pillars that shape Korea's global role and its profound impact on the world stage:

  1. Economic Security
  2. Korean Peninsula and Historical International Relations
  3. Korea-China Relations
  4. Korea-Japan Relations

Through each pillar, our scholars will unravel the intricate tapestry of Korea's global contributions and their implications for our changing world through publications, media commentary, and public events.

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Led by Professor Ji-Young Lee, Korea in Global Affairs Initiative is simultaneously a space convening for research, dialogue, policy impact, learning, and mentoring. We are a passionate and motivated team.

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SIS's commitment to fostering rich student experiences inside and outside the classroom extends to our research initiatives. Korea in Global Affairs has opportunities for students at the undergraduate and graduate level to engage with our work and grow your own knowledge and understanding of this vital region of the world.

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