Research is an integral part of the School of International Service's undergraduate experience and a cornerstone of the SIS BA degree. More than just a set of skills, research is a mindset. SIS is committed to supporting undergraduate research, as it empowers students to be critical consumers and producers of knowledge and equips them with skills critical for success in future courses and careers.

While students will complete six credits of research methodology in SISU-206 and SISU-306, there are numerous opportunities for SIS students to take their research beyond the classroom. The School of International Service is committed to supporting undergraduate research and offers a wide range of resources to support students in the conduct of research and in the presentation and publication of their research.

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A listing of publication venues that are open to undergraduate research or, in some cases, dedicated to publishing undergraduate research.

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Assistance available to partially defray registration costs & travel for SIS students presenting at a conference.

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Creating the Latin American “other” in the US

Bill Kakenmaster, SIS/BA ’17

I travelled to Spain to observe 'othering' discourse in Spanish print media.

There’s an implicit connection between US-Latin Americans and illegality—regarding immigration or criminal activity following immigration—that is blatant in popular and official discourses. My research sought to understand how Latin American identities are constructed by other layers of society that impact US political debate.