Register for DWC

Please follow the steps below to register and enroll in Discover the World of Communication Courses. Registration closes May 24, 2024.

Step 1: Complete and submit our Registration Form

The registration form will ask for some information about the participant and their parent/guardian. It will also allow you to select the courses you would like to take. Make sure to follow all the instructions and to fill the form with a parent or guardian present. Submitting the form does not guarantee you a spot in the courses selected. You need to complete enrollment and payment as per the steps below to have a secure spot.

Step 2: Receive and Open the “SOC-DWC Registration form Submitted” email

Right after submitting the registration form in the previous step, you will receive an email confirming your submission. This email will guide you to enroll and pay for the courses you selected by directing you to our Lifelong Learning enrollment platform for each course. This email will also inform you if you have any discounts available for taking both parts of the “Documentary Storytelling and Video Production” and or both parts of the “Virtual Reality and Beyond” courses.

Step 3: Create a Lifelong Learning User Account

Following a course enrollment link provided in the email from the previous step, you will find a page with an “Enroll Now” button. Verify that it is for the course you wanted to take and click on the button. The next screen will ask you to create a user account. Use the participant’s information to create this user since it will be their access to the online course platform. You will only create a user once and the participant will receive an email to set a password. You do not need to have received the email to set a password to continue to the next steps.

Step 4: Enrolling and paying for your courses

After creating a user account in the previous step, the platform will take you to the checkout page where you will proceed to pay for your course. If you have other courses to enroll in, you can go back to the email in step 2, click on the links and add them to your checkout cart. After all courses are in your cart, use any discount code you might have received from the email in step two. Verify that everything looks right and click on “Pay and Enroll” to be taken to our PayPal processing page to make your payment.

Upon successful payment you will be enrolled in your courses and your spot will be secured! Verify your email inbox for any additional steps. The DWC team will reach out to you with any additional information or steps you might need.

Have questions? Email us at or call 202-885-2098.