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Central Europe is your classroom as you hone your photographic skills on the streets of Prague and other European cities

Prague Film and Photography Programs

The International Film and Photography Programs at FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, offer you an unparalleled opportunity to learn at one of the finest film and photography schools in one of the most dynamic and compelling cities in Europe, all while earning a full semester of university credit.

Located in the Lazansky Palace, a cultural landmark in the center of Prague, FAMU has played an integral role in Czech cultural history for 70 years, fostering the New Wave of the 1960s and serving as a headquarters for the Velvet Revolution, which helped end the Cold War. It counts many influential authors and filmmakers among its alumni, including Oscar winners and laureates of international film festivals. Many professionals working in artistic or production positions in the Czech Republic's film and television industry, in addition to still photographers in various media, are FAMU graduates. Alumni who are directors, writers, and artists who have achieved great success often return to the school to share their expertise and perspective. FAMU is ranked by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top ten international film schools.

Students select from a broad range of lecture and seminar classes in their chosen field, and even participate in master classes with prominent filmmakers and photographers - all FAMU International classes are taught in English. You'll be able to supplement your studies with week-long intensives on production and creative development topics and further enhance your experience with courses in Czech history and culture, regular trips to historic and world heritage sites, and Czech language classes.

Film Program

Established in 1991 in partnership with the American University School of Communication (SOC), the FAMU International Film Program was designed to dovetail with SOC production curriculum. It is for students who want to produce and direct their own stories in super 16mm film (35mm for graduate students). You'll learn from the masters in a mentor/apprentice, conservatory-style approach. The program's primary focus is on creating an original 7- to 10-minute narrative fiction film or a longer documentary project in video. You'll work closely with FAMU's award-winning faculty, with regular consultations from members of the directing, cinematography, screenwriting, and editing departments.

The core seminar, Film Technology and Practice, provides an interdisciplinary, intensive professional focus on the development, production, and post-production of each student's film. FAMU faculty will work with you from the initial pitch to the final screening, and you'll leave the program with a professionally completed film - a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Student work from FAMU has competed at the Cannes Film Festival, been finalists for the Student Academy Awards, and won awards at numerous other festivals around the world.

Photography Program

The FAMU International Photography Program presents an excellent opportunity for students with backgrounds in photography who want to develop their skills and augment their portfolios with a focus on analog photography. You'll work with master photographer Miroslav Vojtechovsk√Ĺ, a former American University faculty member, who will personally critique your work, helping you to express your own unique view through your photos.

The heart of the program is a pair of courses that will help you strengthen your creative abilities and learn new techniques, no matter your preferred subjects or style. In the Practicum , Central Europe is your classroom as you hone your photographic skills on the streets of Prague and other European cities, visit exhibits in Prague's galleries and museums, and meet with local photographers. The second course, Imagery, Ambiguity and Culture, provides historical and philosophical perspectives on how photography both mirrors and creates reality.

These intensive photo courses are paired with classes in cultural history and Czech language; electives on Central European film, art, and architecture; and courses on the Czech Republic's political transition from Communism to EU membership.

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