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Your Network of Success

Graduate Student Jessica Newell poses with her alumni mentor Grace Ibrahim (SOC BA'15/MA'19)  on graduation day.

Graduate student Jessica Newell poses with her mentor Grace Ibrahim (SOC BA'15/MA'19) on graduation day.

Countless School of Communication alumni are working in the field around the world. Pick any major media outlet and you'll find one of our alumni in a key role. As a result of appreciating what they learned at American University, they remain connected to the School of Communication to share their success.

Our alumni mentoring program bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional world as you prepare for your future career.

Every year, through a partnership between the School of Communication and the AU Career Center, dozens of undergraduate and graduate students are paired with alumni who are thriving in their fields, and who are able to help you navigate your career path.

From counseling on short and long term goals to sharing tips for improving your resume and portfolio, to helping you network your way into the communication field for internships and job opportunities, our alumni mentors are an invaluable source of knowledge and experience.

Hear from SOC Mentees

On episode 10 of Media in the Mix, hear from students! Host and alumni mentor Grace Ibrahim, speaks to two students in the Alumni Mentor Program. Lauren Gersten is a first-year public relations student and Jessica Newell is a graduate student working on her masters in Strategic Communication. Listen to hear Lauren and Jessica talk all things SOC, including classes, professional goals and mentorship!



For questions about the alumni mentoring program, please contact

Our mentors

Over 300 alumni have served as mentors, many for five years or more.

Become a Mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor? Contact Lindsay Zimnoch, SOC's Development Coordinator at

Over 700 students have benefited from our alumni mentoring program since 2002.

SOC Mentor FAQ

The Program runs for approximately 6 months, from November to April. The professional relationship between the mentor and mentee may continue beyond the program depending on the pairing.

No two alumni-student pairs are the same, and each will develop its own rhythm and frequency of interaction. Mentors are encouraged to prioritize communication with their mentees at least twice a month, whether via email, phone call, skype, or in person where possible.

The application process is competitive. Once the student mentees are selected, SOC academic advisors, career center advisors and SOC Development staff participate in a matching process. The team makes every effort to match a student's degree goals to a mentor's industry, as well as the student's level of academic achievement to a mentor's level of professional experience. If a suitable match cannot be found, the team will not try to impose a mismatched relationship and will notify the mentor that a perfect match was not found. Mentor applicants who are not matched are encouraged to renew their application for the following year.

The mentoring relationship begins when the mentee initiates contact with their mentor. This should occur in late October/early November, shortly after the students are accepted into the Program, undergo orientation and receive the names of their respective mentors.

Mentees may be interested in topics such as career goals, resume building and networking. We recommend that your first interaction includes a conversation about the mentee’s career and program goals. The mentee is encouraged to share with their mentor a resume and personal statement in order to establish a foundation for the mentee’s goals to build from.

Alumni mentor applicants may email SOC Development Coordinator, Lindsay Zimnoch,, to apply for the Program. Once the application is reviewed, mentor applicants will be contacted by the SOC Development Coordinator to schedule a phone or Skype call. If possible, someone from the SOC Development team will schedule an in person meeting to discuss the mentor applicant’s interest and expectations.

Mentors should feel free to email SOC Development Coordinator, Lindsay Zimnoch,

Megan Lilly in front of a white background


Giving Back Through Mentorship

Megan Lilly, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Hilton and SOC alumna, is giving back as part of SOC’s Alumni Mentorship Program.

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