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Syrian refugee response in Lebanon

K-12 Educator Resources for Handling Difficult Conversations During times of global conflict, students throughout the world are effected.

With virtually limitless access to news from abundant sources, many learners may ask questions in the classroom, want to discuss controversial topics, or struggle with acceptance from their peers. This is a list of resources to help K-12 leaders navigate these discussions in the classroom or with parents.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and and while SOE continues to build it, we welcome additions or feedback to this list via email

Talking to Children about Violence and Hate

Navigating Bias and Hate in the Classroom (Early Childhood through Grade 12)

Supporting Muslim and Arab Students

Supporting Jewish Students

Empowering Learners After an Event

Addressing Online Threats

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Resource Curators

Following the American University School of Education community conversation on October 19 where we held a virtual space for our faculty and staff regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel, this list of resources was developed about the then-unfolding events in Gaza and Israel. While the resources were developed following the event, these resources are transferable to other topics as noted.