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Giving to SPA

By giving to the School of Public Affairs, alumni and members of the campus community can help strengthen academic programs, develop first-rate facilities and resources, support outstanding faculty, enrich the student experience, and enhance our financial capacity.

SPA Dean's Family Circle

SPA Families are among our greatest partners because of the unique perspective you share with us. Your faith and trust in SPA as we guide your child through their educational experience at AU and beyond inspires what we do. To sustain our efforts, we are asking for your support by joining the SPA Dean’s Family Circle.

The SPA Dean’s Family Circle is an exclusive group of families that are shaping the present— and future—of SPA through their philanthropic support. It offers an opportunity for SPA families to show their pride in their student and enhance the overall student experience by supporting an array of programs across the school. Becoming a member of the SPA Dean’s Family Circle is also a great way to meet other members of the SPA community across the country who share the goal of enriching the student experience through philanthropy.

How does the SPA Dean's Family Circle make an impact?

The SPA Dean’s Family Circle is a school-wide volunteer network comprised of parents and families of SPA students. As representatives of all families of SPA students, members will be knowledgeable about school activities and may serve as ambassadors of the school for recruitment and development purposes. Additionally, members may be asked to provide guidance on their community’s social and business culture and on effective ways to engage with other parents or families.

When you give to the School of Public Affairs as a member of the SPA Dean’s Family Circle, you help us strengthen and transform the student experience at AU and SPA. Your contribution will provide unrestricted support for our greatest need areas, including support for scholarships, internships, emergency aid to students and life changing student experiences in and outside the classroom.

School of Public Affairs Dean’s Family Circle Members

  • Annual gift of $1,000 or more to the SPA Dean’s Fund or an SPA Fund of your choice.
  • Special recognition on the SPA website.
  • Welcome new AU families and promote parent involvement and support.
  • Host or attend regional or on-campus events.
  • Invitation to annual SPA Family event hosted by Dean Vicky Wilkins.