Leading the Way

The job of running an organization or government program is not an easy one, and it requires extraordinary leadership. Today's challenging environment demands leaders who are willing to: grow a mindset that can make sense of a complex environment; diagnose and change their behavior; inspire those they lead; work and learn collaboratively; overcome barriers to institutional change; act with integrity; facilitate reflective and productive dialogue; think strategically; and direct with pristine skill and fierce resolve.

The AU School of Public Affairs' executive learning programs help their students grow into authentic leaders who work collaboratively, create change, perform with integrity, and inspire others to act. At SPA, you will study with leading scholar-practitioners in the public sector who challenge you to put public administration principles into real-world practice. Our students join in a cohort of peers in a mutual learning environment, share information, make connections, and form lifetime connections.

73 percent

of Key MPA students graduate. All students start together and graduate together in a 2 year period.

Graduation rate represents cohort entering the program in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Executive Program (On-Campus)

There may be select courses delivered online.

Key Executive Leadership

Key Executive Leadership MPA

The latest knowledge, values, and skills that will build your personal leadership capacity.

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