Faculty Publications and Working Papers

This listing includes publications and working papers by the Director, Faculty Associates, and research assistants of the Center for Environmental Policy that relate to the themes of the Center and the general topic of environmental governance.

Publications are products in final form and have been published in a journal, book, or by a research organization. Working papers are still under revision or development. The authors welcome comments and suggestions on the working papers. However, they should not be cited or quoted without the author's permission. Reports are outputs of Center work products. 

Featured Book

Climate Change, Science, and the Politics of Shared Sacrifice

Center for Environmental Policy Director of Research Todd Eisenstadt and Stephen MacAvoy, chair of the Environmental Studies Department at American University have published one of the first interdisciplinary undergraduate textbooks seeking to integrate climate change science and policy, Climate Change, Science, and the Politics of Shared Sacrifice (Oxford University Press, 2022). The two taught an inter-disciplinary course to honors students and in 2016 were challenged by their students, frustrated by the lack of a US national climate policy after the 2016 presidential election, to write this book after lamenting the lack of a broad and interdisciplinary text.

The text, finished during the COVID lock-down, seeks to offer “hands on” exercises and case studies in addition to chapters addressing the scientific evidence, technological developments, international diplomacy, national and subnational policies, and economic issues surrounding climate change mitigation and adaptation. Eisenstadt has used the text to guide development of the curriculum for his summer 2022 course, GOVT 496/696: A Planet of Villages: Climate Change Policy from the International Level to Local Communities.

SPA graduate students are writing new case studies, based on the methodology used in the book, on issues such as the possible roles of Senator Manchin and his coal interests on President Biden’s US climate agenda, myths and facts relating to “green grocery stores” and climate emissions, and climate governance and the multilateral Arctic Council. The CEP hopes to make these cases publicly available soon on the Center’s website.

Articles and Book Chapters



  • Bahler, Karen, Weted, Carley, and Laguna, Theo Affonso. Lead Pipes and Environmental Justice: A study of lead pipe replacement in Washington, DC. March 2020.
  • Reeder, John. MOVING FORWARD: Future Directions for EPA and Environmental Protection. December 2019.