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Charles H. Levine Memorial Fund & Lecture

Charles H. Levine

The Charles H. Levine Memorial Fund and Lecture in Public Administration and Policy honors the life, scholarly contributions, and public service of one of the most respected public management scholars in these fields, and the first Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Administration in the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at American University.
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2024 Event

This year's Levine Lecture will be part of the Department of Public Administration and Policy Awards Night. The lecture will be delivered by Amy Ellen Schwartz.

Prior to serving as dean of the Biden School from 2022 to 2023, Amy Ellen Schwartz was professor of economics and professor of public administration and international affairs and the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Chair in Public Affairs at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. She is also an emeritus professor of public policy, education and economics at NYU. Schwartz is a co-PI and director of transportation research for the IES-funded National Center for Research on Education Access and Choice.

Her research spans a broad range of topics in education policy and urban economics, focusing on the nexus of schools, neighborhoods and public services and the causes and consequences of children’s academic, social and health outcomes. Current IES-funded work examines the link between transportation, school choice, commuting and student outcomes using unique microdata on New York City public school children. Her NIH-funded study of childhood obesity explores the role of the built environment and the food environment, both at home and at school, providing compelling evidence about “what works” to improve student outcomes. Other work examines the impacts of housing (e.g. vouchers, public housing), neighborhood crime and special education, among others.

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